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Nokia - Cell Phone

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My Nokia cell phone simplifies my life and keeps me in touch.


It is loaded with features like a calendar, a stop watch, an alarm clock, fun games, music, instant messaging, call logs, Email and web searching, a camera that takes both still photos and videos and more! I love my Nokia!


Bothell, WA


Nokia's 6263 flip phone works for me!


I'm a self-proclaimed low-tech phone user. I rarely use my phone to text; I don't have data plan and don't use my cell to go online. However, I do use my Nokia 6263 as my primary phone line; I dropped my landline about a year ago. I've used this phone for over a year and for my purposes, it's perfect.  Fun features include those internet capabilites, a decent camera, video recorder and mp3 player, an FM radio that can be accessed through the headphones, bluetooth option (comes with bluetooth earpiece) and alarm and timer features.  If you are looking for a fairly basic cell phone with some nice extras, Nokia's 6263 flip phone will fit the bill. Though not really hefty, the casing doesn't feel especially flimsy to me, and the buttons are easy to use for someone who doesn't do a lot of texting. I have not had the problem with battery life that other reviewers have noted. The phone does have one maddening negative: a "keypad lock" feature that seems to occasionally trigger at random.  


Lenexa, KS


I found this a handy little gadget...


Recently, I finally traded up to a smartphone, so I've retired my Nokia 6263, but I found it to be sturdy and generally easy to use.  I'm sorry for the problems that the other user had; I feel for you!  I'm not sure what led to the difficulty.  In my case, however, this phone was very useful.  As you mention, it has a great camera, especially for a phone this size, and it takes video.  It's really easy to send picture and video messages.  I still use it for an alarm clock (I know, I'm going to recycle it soon!), just because the music is so pretty.  I also found it remarkably resilient -- it survived more falls than I'd care to admit.  The micro SD slot is very helpful -- when I stopped using the phone, I had almost a thousand saved photos and about 1500 saved messages. As with any cell phone, it did have a learning curve.  I remember being annoyed with it in the beginning (partly because it was the phone I learned to text on, and I wasn't used to T9 predictive text.)  Now, of course, I'm experiencing that learning curve with my new phone, and this one seems comparatively easy -- but that's probably just nostalgia. I do remember finding it annoying that when you sent a text or picture message to more than one person, the address was saved as "To many" -- so I could never check exactly who I'd sent the latest cute photo of my daughter to!   But overall, I enjoyed this phone and found it a good everyday cell phone.


Forest Hills, NY


The Nokia 6263 is the worst phone I have ever owned.


I have T Mobile and originally had a moterolla phone.  The phone died on me and Tmobile discontinued this phone and they recommended this Nokia phone.  I accepted and from the first day I received this phone I have hated it.  First I will give you the good.  It has a wonderful camera, takes great pictures.  It also does have some cool features.  Now, here is the bad.  This phone has no talk life.  I have always has motorolas before and charged them like once every 3 days....this phone, must be charged fully every day.  I leave for work and unplug the phone at 7:45 am and by 5:00 pm it is dying, turning off.  That is crazy.  Also, the sound is awful, hard to hear....it has dropped calls all of the time and it is not tmobile it is the phone.  I keep trying to set my ringer to a video ringtone of my baby singing....so cute....but it changes it by itself.  Also, it will be on ringer as high as it goes, and does ring...but the phone says it is on silent.  I really dislike this phone.  


Philadelphia, PA


This is quite possibly the best nokia ever


The newest nokia to come out has everything a tech savvy person needs. Why just use your phone to talk and txt. Gamers can game online or not and parents and grandparents can take pics and videos of our adorable munchkins. And if you want to im while your away you got it with icq msn yahoo and aol. not enough you say? try the mp3 with buttons on the front or attach a bluetooth device (single earpiece or the new headphones for great stereo mp3 playback). I cant say much more I love my new phone!!!!


Vancouver, WA


Nokia - Cell Phone

3.8 5