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Nokia - Cell Phone

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maybe old but sting


This phone may looks like an old device of the previous generation but it sill as good as many phones today it offers a good and practical use for the business owners and day use also it's just fun to use



Still good Nokia 3G phone


Although this Nokia model is nearly five years old (released in 2006), it still holds quite well today in late 2010. I have the black color of this phone and the design is very classy. Flipcover feels like a good build and it has nice sound when you flip it up. This flipcover makes this phone a bit bulky, but it still fits your jeans pocket pretty well. But if you compare it to other mobile phones market today, it's a very thick phone. Buttons are good and sensitive like in all Nokia phones. 2 megapixel camera lens is situated on the back of the phone (and it's a good spot). Camera quality itself is average but it clearly loses 6-0 if you compare it to todays N8's and iPhones. Navigation and menus are very fluent in this phone. Screen is very vibrant. Text messaging is fast as usual if you have ever used a Nokia phone before (I used a Sony Ericsson phone before this model and it had really poor text messaging options). My BP-6M battery in this phone became swollen when I had used this phone like two years, but I managed to change it with no cost. All in all, this is still good basic 3G phone with awesome features if you can find it cheaply.

Atlanta, GA


my favorite nokia yet


This phone is great for its cost. the phone includes what seems to now be standard 2 mega-pixel resolution, as well as a flash, and it also includes a nice little mirror for self portraits as well. it is great to have to help capture those once in a lifetime moments, as well as having a nice screen and enjoyable interface. and with the expandable storage you can record many of your precious moments and keep them handy to enjoy later.

Kansas City, MO


Nokia - Cell Phone

4.0 3