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Nokia - Cell Phone

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Very Strong!


I remember buying this phone as my first phone and it was very good. I very much enjoyed the fact that for the most part, whatever you did to it, it would almost never break. This phone was also great due to its simplicity, and quality. It also was an inexpensive phone to have, which is always a plus.




OK for the price


The main reason I got this phone over another is that it was free and enabled me to do the things I do most with a cell phone: make/receive calls, make/receive texts and take pix. The camera is not the best. The first phone I had didn't work. Strangely, none of the buttons in the center (i.e. 2, 5, 8, 0) did not work. I was given a replacement but this one acts up now and then. Sometimes it does not ring or vibrate when it should. Sometimes when I get a message it doesn't say "1 new message" as it should. Sometimes when I click "view message" it simply returns to the home page. These issues are intermittent but a little annoying. My contract ends next October and will definitely be getting a new phone.


Elkridge, MD


great phone for pics and music too


I have had this phone for over a year with no problems.  Easy to add music with V Cast music software and cable.  Did add 1 gb memory card.  Like having a screen and music controls on outside when phone is closed. Like having covers for the recharge plug and headphone plug.  Also purchased headphones and car recharger.


Disputanta, VA


Fantastic Phone


The Nokia 6315i has decent call quality and a broad range of features including Bluetooth, a speakerphone, a mp3 player and EV-DO capability. I love my Nokia phone and would not trade it for the world. I have everything at my fingertips. Right now I have over 65 pictures, 10 games, 20 ringback tones, and 6 ringtones downloaded to my phone. The memory on this phone is phenomenal. I would suggest this phone to anyone that loves to use a cell phone. The only con that I can tell you is that I wished that the speaker phone was louder. Other than that this phone is perfect.


Arizona City, AZ


I wouldn't leave home without it


I am reviewing the Nokia 6315i. It is originally made by Pantech for Nokia so it is not an original Nokia device. I think the battery life is superb and it stores about 500 Contacts in alphabetical order so they are easy to find. It also allows you to store multiple numbers under one contact so you can keep track of all of your contacts numbers.


Chester, VA


Nokia - 6315i is unreliable


I've had this phone for a over a year and I hate it. It tends to restart itself unprovoked.... I live in fear of missing an important call. I would change it but I don't want to pay extra for a new phone... My recommendation is not to purchase it. The camera works well and it is cool-looking otherwise.


Grandville, MI


Good Phone, Good Price, Overall Good Choice.


Nokia 6315i- I used to own an LG and I was very unhappy with it. I got this Nokia and it is a huge improvement. Really Great Phone. Verizon Service could be better. Clear pictures and sound. Can attach SD memory card. There are not a lot of accessories availabe for this phone.


Monsey, NY


Awesome phone!


I've had this phone for a year now and I've dropped it a few times and my daughter has thrown it on the ground a few times I think she has even thrown it in a puddle once and it is still kicking and I have not had any mechanical problems with it. It is easy to function the buttons even my 2 year old can dial it with no problems. Thank god I figured out how to lock the phone so she can't make no more early morning phone calls.


West Springfield, MA


Nokia - Cell Phone

4.0 8