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Nokia C6-00 Smartphone

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Nokia C6 doesn't live up to the hype


Ok, the last guy said that the phone was awesome and I admit, it is pretty awesome! In retrospect, the phone is also particular. Or at least mine is. I can't get to the camera half the time because it tells me that all the memory is used and to turn off some apps. Well, none are on! It freezes up, it seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. And last but not least the screen is very small and the battery doesn't last even tho I did the initial charge exactly as directed, (always do). I am not very impressed and in fact am considerring taking it back.


Payette, ID


Nokia! camera! pocket pc!!


Nokia c6-00 smartphone isnt just a smartphone! There are so many things that the Nokia c6-00 smartphone offers the only way to not get side tracked is to just talk about each feature one at a time. Obviously its a phone and a great one at that. I never have to repeat myself or ask anyone else to! The sound is so clear, no static or "waves" when you speak to someone. If that was the only feature, it would be a great one. Another awesome feature is the camera, or should I say camera's! There are two camera's included on this phone. One is a 5 mega pixel and takes better still shots then my dedicated camera, which is only a few years old. You can also take videos with this phone. I havent really used this feature much...yet, but with just some short video's, it works great. The picture and sound quality is wonderful. Once again if the Nokia c6-00 was only a phone and camera it would be a great deal...but thats not all. What I find to be the greatest feature is the pocket pc. This phone comes with wifi and so even if you didnt have or didnt want to have a phone or data plan you could still use the internet. I do just about all my internet surfing and other pc related stuff on my phone. The pull out qwerty keyboard is suberb and so you get a lot larger screen. The screen is a 3.2 in tft resistive touchscreen You barely even have to touch the screen for it to respond unlike alot of resistive screens. It comes with symbian os and LOTS of APPS! I have the white version of this smartphone and its beautiful! I could go on forever, but one last important feature is the battery life....days and days of talking and web surfing!


Clarence, MO


Nokia C6-00 Smartphone

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