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Nokia 6600 Cellular Phone

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nokia 6600 best phone ever!!


i cannot tell you how awesome this phone is... seriously this is the best phone i have ever used in my life! the only reason i decided to switch phones is because i wanted to play music on my phone and this one is not that loud. it's a little different looking and bulky but that is one of the things i love about it because it is easy to grab, very durable and different. you don't want a phone that everyone has.. this is definately one of them. there are so many options you can have with this phone. i literally used this phone for three years and i still have it. everytime i have a used phone and buy a new one i always give it away to friends, but this one i still have it... nice and safe in my closet. it's really a special phone. i'm not one to get attached to things but i really did attached to this one. there are so many options you can do with this phone. believe me you will not regret buying it!


Carrollton, TX


This nokia 6600 slide phone is simply great and like most nokia


it is stylish and elegant. the picture is of high quality. the madia player's sound output is sharp and is clear. the multimedia picture is clear and of high quality, the keypad is soft and easy to access. Sending and receiving multimedia pictures are simply wonderful unlike most other phones. The simplicity of this phone cannot be overstated and moreover what a ladylike phone it is.. The carrying case/bag make it look more elegant and easy to manage as a matter of fact. I tried to uplaod a new software and it just worked out smoothly via it's internet connections. Browsing the internet was great too considering the spped unlike most other phones of same size. I also enjoyed the FM radio clarity. I quite appreciate this phone and will recommend it to any real lady.


Houston, TX




Hi friends i'm here to review the 1st and the best model nokia has.it is NOKIA 6600 mobile.in one word it is the best.later many models have come but the fact is nokia did not capture the market with others like it did for the 6600,This itself shows the fame that 6600 has got in people.It is a gsm technology phone which is series 60 technology.it has all features and the excellent feature is that it has a inbuit remote for any television and dvd player,satellite tv,etc any infrared device. Now, the Nokia 6600 is the best phone I have used because of the following reasons:Text Messaging: I am a heavy text user and there is nothing better than this phone for text input. The software is fast (What you type is what you see, no lag at all!). The multiple user sending option as well Multimedia settings are unparalleled. Call clarity and reception: My house is in an area that gets very low reception and all my previous phones used to fail in some corners of the house. However, this phone gives me atleast 2 bars of coverage no matter where I am. Call clarity is perfect, no problems. Personalization Options: I have downloaded multiple themes, ringtones and pictures with absolute ease. This phone is perfect to make a statement. Camera: Although the camera could be better, it still works fine. My philosophy is that if you want to take perfect pictures... don't depend on your phone, buy a camera! Depending on your phone to take good pictures is like depending on your car to cook your food. It ain't gonna happen! Anyway, camera quality is extremely good when compared to other phones in this range. Battery: The battery power could be better but what do you expect from a smart phone. Bottom line is show me a phone that has the same functions and longer battery life and I will delete this claim. Expandable Memory: Not many phones in this range have an expandable memory setup. In this phone, the level of information is dependent on what size card you have. You want to store crazy amounts of data, buy a bigger card. Moreover, the phone comes with a 32 MB card and 6MB of internal memory. What more do you want? Connectivity: Perfect bluetooth application, infra-red, modem...what else would you like? I can go on and on but bottom line is that this phone has combined the best features of all the phones I have bought and roled it into one. And for all those people who have trouble navigating the screen... This phone is made for people who are ready to adapt to newer technology. That is why it is called a smart phone. I would suggest those of you who have trouble to buy a simpler phone like the Nokia 3395. New technology is not for you. Overall, this phone works perfectly for my lifestyle and needs. Go get one yourself! So my sugesstion is "IF you want a series 60 phone go for it as it is the cheapest in its series. good luck venkatamsu


Springfield, MO


Nokia 6600 Cellular Phone

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