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Nokia - 6300 Cell Phone

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Awesome Nokia phone with all the features of its time!


I bought this phone from someone, and I was skeptical about its performance. To date it was one of the best phones I ever used. It is a slim, thin and a decent looking [compared to many weird looking phones out there] phone. It has a metallic body, which was extremely handy in my case as Im a professional cell mishandler. Other features include a 2MP camera [video, picture capability], a memory card, bluetooth, USB port, Java enabled, MMS support, radio etc. Another thing is that it never deleted your old texts.  The issues mainly were: Battery life was limited to one day or two days at most. Brightness cannot be adjusted. There is no flash support for the camera. It has night vision support, but not very good. No IR, No WiFi. Similarly memory is an issue, when you have about 4000 texts stored in your phone. This phone worked perfectly fine without an issue for 2 years, until I accidently spilled some water in my bag. After that it started to give me problems little by little. It would suddenly freeze, or the videos that i would make would be blank. I would still say that it was one of the best phones of its time!

Plano, TX


NOKIA 6300 does not have a very good software protection.


the nokia 6300 phone is a good looking phone which is capable of doing a lot of things like photographing as well as it looks good. its steel body makes it look awesome. but when it comes to quality tis phone lacks that quality thing that any one would like to have in his cellular phone. my phone, after benig used for just two years in a row had a breakage of the body. its rim was broken from the sides of the screen. no body in my whole family knows how. it did slip from the hand a few times but never broke at the same moment. also its software did disappoint me. every four months i had to take it to the nokia repair centre, called as nokia care where i had to wait for quite some time and be charged for the software repair, known as flashing in the centre. it did happen again and again, and now finally i am upto changing the phone as soon as possible. and this is not just my case but also my friends. he has already changed the phone. so i won't suggest buying this handset.

Van Nuys, CA


cell doesn't last for 2 hrs even


a really good looking camera phone, with such a worse battry. The charge of battry doesn't last for 2 hrs if you are talking over phone. the sound is pathetic. dont ever buy this phone. Cant imagine that Nokia can make a phone like this. if you are ever thinking of buying this, get a try first

Tulsa, OK


Nokia - 6300 Cell Phone

3.0 3