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Nokia - 6015 Cell Phone

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The one you've heard about


The reason you want this phone is not because it does all the fancy things smartphone do now - you want it because it continues to be the most durable phone on the market. If your goal is to text and make calls, why fuss with everything else? The benefit here is that you don't need to add anything to the phone to get high level durability. No otterboxes. Not even an insurance plan. This phone will do everything you really need, not bother with the rest you really don't, and provide you with long lasting use. Battery Life It doesn't do anything, so the battery has a long life. Doesn't eat up battery life using Wi-Fi all day long. Durability Come on, this phone defines 10 out of 10 durability. Ease of Use Makes calls, sends texts. Not difficult!



Basic, not fancy, but tough!


The Nokia 6015 is a dependable, practically indestructable basic phone.  It doesn't do pictures, but it does have a great calendar, reliable alarm clock, and plenty of entries for numbers. One great thing I love is that you can categorize each of your contacts as "Friend" "VIP" "Family" "Business" or "Other."  Then, you can set your calls so that it only rings for certain groups.  No more pesky calls waking you--set it to family or VIP only so your loved ones can reach you in an emergency, but no one else will wake you!  Imagine vacation without being distracted by calls from work or else!   Charging port is round, which is great because they are less likely to malfunction (like my motorola charger, with several contact points).  Volume control has a wide range and there is a headphone plug in that works for a hands-free setting.  Not blue-tooth enabled, however.  Can do voice memos, which can be handy for remembering things too!

Chesapeake, VA


Nokia - 6015 Cell Phone

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