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Nokia - 3300 Cell Phone

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I love the Nokia 3300 it is very easy to use.


This is my first experience with a cell. When I got enough courage to buy a cell,.... my daughter had to almost twist my arm.  I did not want to understand the need for it.   I only used it in emergencies at first. Now it is my only means of communication. I feel naked without it.... when I leave home or go anywhere. I  laugh now at myself at how I resisted the idea of carryng one.   I love the way it is laid out and very easy to use.  Even when traveling it automatically picks up whatever tower is available. Wow!!!  when this happened it frightened me! I asked who switched my service?  Would you believe I am so use to this phone I refuse to update to another phone.  My family thinks I should want a camera phone or speaker added.  I say why?  Who am I taking picures of, or I do not want everyone listenng to my conversation. They laughed.  I will recommend the the Nokia 3300 to everyone..


Harvey, IL


good features in an old phone


Though an old phone, it is amazing.  The Nokia 3300 allows users to listen to music and text easily.  This phone can probably be found on eBay or sites that sell older cellphones.  It doesn't have a camera feature, but the price for it now is very cheap.  It comes with a 16mb card but can be changed.


El Monte, CA


Nokia - 3300 Cell Phone

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