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Nokia - 2600 Cell Phone

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I love my Nokia 2600 cell phone.


I love my Nokia 2600 cell phone.  I am a basic cell phone user.  I mostly make calls from my cell phone (which is my only phone), but receive and send text messages occasionally.  The Nokia 2600 is easy to use and a great size.  The keyboard is large enough for easy use, but the phone is small and lightweight.  The keyboard locks easily, so no random dialing in my purse or pocket.  The Nokia 2600 charges quickly and the charge lasts a long time.  I would highly recommend the Nokia 2600 to others.


Prairieville, LA


Nothing special but good for simple use


We got this as an inexpensive replacement phone when our previous LG flip-phone quit working.  The price was right, and it does what we need it to, but it's not the best design.  The buttons are VERY small.  Some are toggle-type and it is easy to hit the wrong thing.  I try to hang up, and it sometimes goes to speakerphone instead!  You have to dial using the very tips of your fingers, otherwise there is a chance that you will hit the wrong button.  This makes texting difficult.  We don't text very often, but I think I would be more frustrated with the phone if we did.  Like the other reviewer said, there is a big delay when you push the button to get to the main menu.  Pulling up the contacts list is relatively quick, but everything else seems to take some time, which takes some getting used to!  The camera feature is nice to have... I like to be able to take cute photos of the kids when I didn't bring along the camera.  It also has a voice recorder with which we created our own ringtone, that was kind of fun.  So, an okay phone, but I wouldn't choose it again.


Woodland Park, CO


The Nokia-2600 is VERY slow and cartooney, but I love the size


The Nokia-2600 is an OK phone. I would not recommend it to a young person that likes to text or have all the new features. It is very slow, you push the menu button, count to 3 and it finally comes up! The volume while talking on the phone is very low, I have to press the phone against my hear to try to hear sometimes. The picture quality is pretty good and I LOVE the size. I think it is a good phone for a young person who is only supposed to use the phone on occasion or an older person that doesn't do anything but make calls.


Eddy, TX


Nokia - 2600 Cell Phone

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