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Nokia - 1006 Cell Phone

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If weird isn't enough, Nokia 1006 has a mind of its own.


Cell Phone, can you really keep up with them?  I was an avid user for many years due to work and organizing.  I am somewhat tech and enjoy being on my computer.  I decided to get a simple in-expensive cell-phone, ***Nokia 1006***, when I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. I only needed it now to make emergency phone calls, daily texting but most of all for organizing such as reminders, alarms, appointments and so on. It is a simple cell-phone and very easy to use.  It provides basic features like texting, web browser(slow), storing contacts, log of all calls, games, blue-tooth, calendar, and so on.  I use it for organizing more than anything, but unfortunately it isn't very reliable on reminders, notes, appointment  - frankly anything that isn't the alarm.  I call it weird because at 12am every morning it alarms without me setting it and I can't cancel it or reset it.  Secondly, if I don't get to it to turn it off it alarms for hours until i get to it. When I do, I'll get a reminder for a birthday months away. For example last night I got an alarm at 12am and a reminder of my Dad's birthday for October! We are in February.  To think that's not weird enough, my alarm went off three days after the date to reminder me of my anniversary.  It get even funnier, the phone will be turned off and it still alarms at 12am (the one i didn't set) with white screen but only for 12am no other daily alarms. What's the use of making reminders when they don't alarm for the time set?  I am getting another cell-phone but I had to let others know how special my phone has been. It may be a defect, because I have always had Nokia phones and they have never given me any problems.  On the plus side this cell phone allows me to set alarm for more than many days and with exceptions.  For example, I can set  the phone for 6 days to alarm by choosing which days I want.  I like that about this phone. In addition to log, it stores so much - 120 phone calls.  Speaking of phone logs, if i get more than 2 miss calls or text msg and i didn't retrieve immediately.. a few minutes and my phone locks itself.. yes it does.  I can unlock it but on the screen is just the screen saver, no menu or anything. Touching the buttons to make a call or gett into the menu, doesn't work.  I had to turn off the phone. I wouldn't recommend it if one of the main use of your cell phone is to be organized.. it's does it own thing, well mine does :-)

Fort Lauderdale, FL


my nokia 1066 doesnt even work 1/2 as good as it used too


my nokia 1006 used to satisfy me because i desperately needed a cell phone, but couldnt afford the new smartphone.  the nokia1006 worked fine for awhile, then the screen would lock up whenever i received a text message, and i'd have to wait to unlock the screen then go into the message folder to retrieve the text message or keep the phone in the message folder (sometimes making "butt" calls because i couldnt lock the keypad).  i'm disappointed that i pay for web/internet service but the phone doesnt support anything other than "surfing"..no checking email, sending email, receiving email or instant messages.  recently the alarm clock hasnt been working properly and i've also noticed that the entries i put into the calendar, with an alarm set to remind me of the pending events arent accessible or can even be seen when the screen is not working properly.  i've had the phone for less than 1yr and i'm no longer satisfied or happy with the nokia1006.

Stone Mountain, GA


Not so great


**Nokia 1006 cell phone** : I purchased this cell phone through Metro pcs. I have been using this cell phone for quite some time. I always loved Nokia cell phones. And had always used nokia cell phones. This cell phone is little disappointing when compared to other good cell phones from Nokia. this cellphone is sleek and flimsy. At the first look you will find it very simple to use and handle. But If you prefer to have more advance feature like any other cell phones or smart phones please avoid this cell phone. This is a CDMA cell phone. No camera. Just a very basic model from Nokia. I wish it could have more features. Battery life is good. Speaker phone works great. This phone includes Web access. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity. I tried it and it works good. Not much to work on it other than this. If you need a simple cell phone with very limited feature you could go for it. Otherwise i advise you to stay away from this model. If you are very keen on having a well featured cell phone surely this one is not for you.  Just an average product from Nokia.

Irving, TX


Nokia - 1006 Cell Phone

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