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Nojo The Original Baby Sling

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About the same as other slings I've tried


I love the idea of baby slings. I believe they can help with the bonding process, and I like the idea of saving my shoulders and back from carrying the baby everywhere. I also like the idea of having a free hand to do other things. That said, I have not had good luck finding a sling that works for me, or my children. They are pricey, even for the most simple designs. The NoJo is the "original" baby sling, and I thought it would be worth a try since I was given it as a gift. First thing I noticed is that it is huge! I'm not small by any means, but I still had to pull this as tight as I could (the padding prevents it from tightening much more). My daughter is the size to fit in the hip hold position, but I couldn't really get her high enough. I felt like she was dangling from my hip, instead of being secure. I still had to support her almost completely with my arm. I chaecked to make sure I was using it right, and I was, but the fit just wasn't right. I am expecting a baby soon, so will see if I can make it work any better with a small baby.  

Greencastle, IN


The NOJO Baby Sling-- Not for Every Baby


Pregnant with my first child, I had warm, fuzzy fantasies of constantly carrying my newborn infant in my arms, cradled to my chest at all times. Faced with the realities of said newborn, I still yearned for that kind of closeness, but was stymied by how I was supposed to complete the necessities of daily life: brushing my teeth, making a cup of tea, feeding myself. Enter the Nojo sling. My midwife recommended this as the most baby-friendly carrier on the market, and I purchased one, eager to try it with my infant son. After carefully studying the manual and instructional video, I was ready to try it. I inserted my son into the womblike sleeve of the sling, expecting him to love it. Instead, he made his best efforts at escape. Unfortunately, either due to the design of the sling or to his sheer determination, he managed to roll himself out of it into my waiting arms. We repeated this process over and over, trying to 'practice'. Eventually, he fatigued enough to succumb to the sling, but when he awoke, he began to arch and fuss. To make the story short, this was never a success for me and my son. He thrived on the increased support of the Baby Bjorn, and never got used to having his arms and legs cradled in any type of sling. However, I know many, many moms who have sworn by this sling, and I can vouch first hand for its craftsmanship. It always seemed well-made, durable, and comfortable to me. Now, if it was only ME who was offered a nap in the Nojo...

Livermore, CA


Not a great sling for a thin mom


I am a mother of 5 and one on the way and I didn't wear my babies until kid #3, and I was given a Nojo baby sling, I hated it. I had heard great things about baby wearing but it didn't work for me until one day I say a mother with a maya wrap, it was unpadded and easliy adjustable. I got it and it made all the difference. I could get baby close to my body and support thier body and head for the first time, in the Nojo, I could never get baby close enough to my body to be hands free, I am 5' 11" and wear a small, so I could never adjust the Nojo snug enough, baby awlays felt like they were goingto fall out and I could never get it close enough to nurse then either. I thought I was not cut out for baby wearing when I was using the Nojo Bbay sling, and my babies are the ones that missed out. If you have one and it is not working for you or are thinking about getting one, look into ones that don't have padded rails and make them so that you can snug it up as close to your body, so that baby really is hands free and fells safe.

Arlington, TX


Practical and comfortable, but not compact


I go this carrier with my first son from a woman who wore her baby in one constantly for two years!  My favorite things about it are that it's versatile (good for a newborn all snuggled in tight, up to a toddler who can perch on my hip with the help of this sling.) The padding is wonderful, and makes it more comfortable for me on my shoulder and for baby when their legs are sticking out, or they're sitting up in it, etc. The only main downside is the bulk that the padding adds to the sling, and it's not tight and compact enough to be tossed in a baby bag when not in use.  It does take up a bit more space.

Colorado Springs, CO


The Original BabySling by Nojo is a MUST HAVE sling


**The Original Babysling by Nojo** is a lifesaver!  I had a colicky baby that needed constant holding.  The Nojo babysling enabled me to comfortably hold my child for hours as well as free up my hands.  I had other slings like the Baby Bjorn but this was my go to sling and the most economical one!  I could walk/hike several miles while holding my son in this sling.  An added bonus is Nojo babysling has a long life - my sling saw daily use until my son was walking, regular use until he was two, and occasional use thereafter.  My son is now three and I still occasionally use this sling.  **PROS of The Original Babysling by Nojo:** - Distributes weight across your back - Long life - Economical - Allows child to be held in multiple positions **CONS of The Original Babysling by Nojo:** - Not a fashion item - Can be hot especially in summer - Takes time to get the hang of using this sling When purchasing a sling, you have to take into consideration your personal preferences. I personally prefer **The Original Babysling by** **Nojo **because of its flexibility, durability, and comfort.  The added fact that it was cheaper than all of the other slings I considered or tried was a bonus.  I frequently give this as a present to first time moms.  If you are still on the fence about the baby carrier that is best for you, [Get the "Sling" of it: Your Guide to Baby Carriers][1] provides an excellent overview of points to consider before you purchase a sling.  [1]:

Knoxville, TN


Nojo The Original Baby Sling

3.4 5