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Holy Hogwarts!!!!


Just when I thought I had seen everything, an owl delivered something really different to my Muggle doorstep the other day -- a catalog for ***The Noble Collection*** whose inventory includes artistic, first-class collectors items, memorabilia, jewelry, and sophisticated toys relating to movies like:  *The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, Speed Racer, The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, The DaVinci Code, 300, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean*, and the various *Harry Potter *movies.  All items appear to be beautifully crafted but I must confess that I am a hopeless Hogwarts aficionado and so will concentrate on things associated with the soaring adventures of Harry and his heroic friends.  If your holiday gift list includes a *Harry Potter* fan (of any age), he or she might treasure something like one of the following, which will have special meaning to someone who has read and enjoyed the books: Authentic recreations of Harry Potter's, Hermione Granger's, and Dumbledore's wands in Olivander's gift boxes, 13" 15" and 15" long respectively, $35 each;  (Also available:  Harry's, Hermione's and Voldemort's wands which light up thanks to the magic of AAA batteries which are not included:  $39.50 each.) Set of hand-enameled pins representing the five Hogwarts "houses" packed in collector's box, $24.50; A really gorgeous, "amazingly detailed" sculpture of the Hogwarts castle, 13 inches high, $295; *Gold-plated Golden Egg Pendant* (like the one in "*The Goblet of Fire*"), in collector's box, $49; Authentic recreation of Hermoine's "*Time-Turner*" which saved the day in "*The Prisoner of Azkaban*" by enabling Harry and her to travel through time (24 Karat gold plated: $49, Sterling silver plated: $125); An actual size prop replica of the famous *Sorcerer's Stone* with display, $95; Replicas of Hermione's Yule Ball earrings crafted of sterling silver set with pink crystals, $59; A reproduction of the famous "*Marauder's Map*" introduced in "*Prisoner of Azkaban*" measuring 15.5 x 72 inches open, $35. Full sized replicas of famous brooms:  *Firebolt*, 58", ($295) and *Nimbus 2001*, 57", ($245). Gryffindor House Scarf and Tie packed in collector's box (100% lambs wool scarf $65, 100% silk tie $35) For more details about these beautiful gifts plus information about other Noble merchandise, visit ***noblecollection.com***.  I must also add that if you haven't had a chance to read J. K. Rowling's award-winning novels about ***Harry Potter***, you have a treat in store for you.  These works are not only engaging and entertaining but also downright inspirational in their depiction of the ongoing heroic battle between good and evil coupled with the importance of friendship and doing one's personal best.  

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