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No-Crack All-Purpose Hand Cream

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All Purpose No-Crack Hand Cream Helps Your Skin


No-Crack Hand Cream is a wonder cream that improves the look and feel of your skin. Whether your hands are dry and chapped because of those dishes you did or your skin is dry from the elements, No-Crack Hand Cream will make your skin feel soft and smooth again. I had suffered from ecezma for many years and then someone told me about this product. She came from Wisconsin where it gets really cold and knew about dry, chapped skin. All Purpose No-Crack Hand Cream comes from LaCrosse, Wisconsin and is made in the USA. It was nice to get rid of those costly prescription creams in the little tubes that didn't really work and replace them with this for a fraction of the cost. Scent The cream is pink in color and the scent is a little off-putting but it really isn't too bad. Even the list of ingredients shows "fragrance" next to the end so you can tell that they are trying to counteract this products slight smell. After you have tried this product for yourself you will see what a small concession this is for the benefit of experiencing smooth, healthy skin again. Like your Grandma used to tell you about Vicks VapoRub, if it didn't have a smell to it we wouldn't think it was working. Of course No-Crack Cream doesn't have anywhere near the odor that we associate with Vicks. Absorption This product comes in a convenient tub just the right size for your hand. It is a non-greasy cream that starts absorbing into your skin the minute you put it on. I no longer have eczema outbreaks because No-Crack Hand Cream is made to replace moisture and protect your skin until your natural oils return. Using this product on a regular basis keeps my skin healthy without having to do anything but massage it into my hands and feet. No-Crack Hand Cream does all the work to keep my skin supple and I no longer get those odd stares like I did when my skin was cracked and painful from having eczema. Effectiveness It is called All Purpose No-Crack Hand Cream but it can be used almost anywhere on the body. Effective on hands, feet, and even those rough elbows and knees. Using a file to remove callouses on your feet is a painful experience to go through that causes unbelievable tenderness afterwards. There was just no way to win the battle on feet until this product came along. Get as much or as little as you need and gently work it into those hard, rough callouses. It starts healing as soon as you start using it. I usually use it on my feet at night so I can cover them with socks and by morning there is a noticable improvement. I don't know what I would do without No-Crack Hand Cream. It's made my life easier.



No-Crack All-Purpose Hand Cream

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