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Nivea for Men Shaving Conditioner

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Nivea Shaving Conditioner Soothes and Moisturizes the Skin


  Shaving is daily routine for most men and since it is performed with such frequency, it can irritate the skin over time. Manufacturers have responded with products that help to alleviate some of the discomfort and one of them is **Nivea Shaving Conditioner**, a product specially designed for Norelco electric razors. **Shaving Conditioner Commentary:**Nivea Shaving Conditioner is white in color with a lotion- like consistency. It offers a masculine scent that is like a combination of cologne, mint, soap, and floral. Manufactured specifically for use in Philips Norleco wet/dry electric razors, the small, 2.5 ounce bottles of this conditioner have a very small tip on the top, for dispensing. Turning the cap clockwise exposes the tip, which can then be inserted in a reservoir of your Norelco electric razor. You then need to pump the bottle a few times to force the conditioner out of the bottle, into your razor. Nivea Shaving Conditioner is a useful product to protect against skin irritation and it works very well when used with a Philips Norelco Electric Razor. This shaving conditioner product is dispensed directly through the heads of a Philips Norelco Razor, onto your skin, and it feels cool and refreshing when it comes in contact with your face and neck. It does offer a good degree of moisturizing ability and your skin does feel better than it would when using an ordinary electric razor. Irritation is also minimized, making me more likely to use my electric razor in the first place. This skin conditioner contains Chamomile and vitamin E to help keep the skin protected and healthy.Nivea Shaving Conditioner is intended to be used in a Philips Norelco electric razor specifically designed with a conditioner dispenser. Now, this doesn't mean you absolutely must have one of these razors to use this conditioner. You can use this without the special electric razor by simply applying it directly to the skin, as a preparation to using a manual razor. However, it is somewhat of a challenge to dispense in this manner and you will only get a small amount of conditioner released at a time.   **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Nivea Shaving Conditioner is a very good Nivea product and it succeeds at making the skin feel moisturized and protected. It is a little on the costly side and it isn't much use to those who do not own a Norelco razor with a conditioner reservoir. However, this product holds true to the manufacturer's claims, conditioning the skin with its special ingredients and eliminating irritation from the shaving experience. 

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Nivea for Men Shaving Conditioner

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