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Nivea for Men Active Sport Body Wash

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Nivea for Men Active 3 Sport Body Wash


I wanted to try this product because I was going fishing and showering at the Marina I figured I only had to bring one bottle that could do everything-Soap, Shampoo and Shave. I love the idea of efficiency and a product that could do it all. I was mistaken in thinking that do it all is the same as doing it all three things equally as well as other products. I will review intended use separatley and then give my impressions of the smell of the product and the bottle itself. Soap: In the past, I had only used conventional bar soap and never tried a body wash before. With bar soap, I can press the soap against my skin and get a good lather. According to the directions, to get the best lather massage Men Active 3 Sport Body Wash onto wet hands, washcloth or sponge. I could get a good lather in my hands and then transfer it to my body, however, this method uses way to much of the body wash to make it economical. A second option would be to apply the body wash with a body sponge like a poof but this would result in my purchasing another item to just to use the body wash and therefore this option was dismissed. The third and final method of applicaton was to a wash cloth to apply it to my body. This third method was an acceptable way to get a good lather using a fair and reasonable amount of product; however, now I have wash clothes to add to the laundry which I did not have using a bar soap. I do not consider this to be enough of a drawback to discontinue using Nivea for Men Active 3 Sport Body but I wanted to note same. Other than the wash cloth issue, I like the lather and felt it rinsed clean. My skin felt clean and the smell is quite strong and I could smell it for some time after using the body wash. It is Dermatologically tested and removes dirt well. Shampoo: This works great as a shampoo. It lathers well and rinses clean. I like the manly smell on both my hair and body. It does not run out of my hand when transfering the body wash from my had to my hair. While I like the strong clean manly smell, if the smell does not appeal to your individual tastes, then I could see where it might become overwhelming on both your hair and your body. Shaving: For shavng I find this unacceptable for two reasons. First, I do no get the lather that a typical shaving cream provides. It would be very similar to shaving with soap. My skin felt a bit raw after using it as a shaving cream. I would rather go unshaved. Secondly, unless you have a mirror in the shower, I would not not shave without mirror. I like to shave at the sink. Call me old fashioned. Therefore, I need to take the bottle from the shower to the sink to shave. The overall smell of the product is a clean fresh smell very suitable for men. It is a refreshing change to have a product for men that smells like I am a man. Last thing I want is to smell like fruit or flavors which just does ot go with the image of myself or the way I want people to think of me. The size of the bottle is perfect. At 16.9 fl oz is a great size especially if you are going to use it to shower, shampoo and shave. I like how the bottle fits in my hands. It does not slip out of my hads when wet. The cap pops up and down which I much prefer over a screw top so it is easy to use. Also, becuase the lid pops open and close it is one less thingthat I have to bend down and pick up. To summarize, Nivea for Men Active 3 Sport Body Wash is a great shower body wash and it works well as shampoo. I recomend it fo both of these uses. The smell is strong and manly. I do not recomend for shaving unless you find shaving wth soap acceptable.

Henderson, NV


Surprisingly good


My wife brought home a free large sample of this product.  I have never used anything like this before, just typically a soap and shampoo kind of guy. At first i used it just as soap and shampoo, for which it worked fine.  But then I noticed it could be used also for shaving.  (I guess that's why they call it the 3-in-1 soap). So I gave the shaving in the shower a try.  The trickiest part is not having a mirror in the shower , I usually have to tidy up in a mirror afterwards:)  But, other than that minor inconviencence, it works well for shaving.  I have pretty sensitive skin and I can say it is no worse than using normal shaving gel.  It has a nice fragrance as well. I can't say I will be rushing to buy another bottle when this one is gone.  But, I will miss the convienance of having shaving done in the shower with no mess at the sink when this bottle is gone.  So I guess overall, that means I liked the product.

Hills, MN


Nivea for Men Active 3. A good body wash. But shaving creme?


I first bought Nivea for Men Active 3 because it was on sale and I was curious to see whether a product could be a body wash, shampoo, and a shaving creme at the same time. Well, I've been using it for a few weeks now and I will say this: Nivea for Men Active 3 is unlike any other body wash I've ever used. The first thing you'll notice about Nivea for Men Active 3 is that it's thicker than most other body washes. It actually looks more like a shampoo. I imagine its thickness is essential to Nivea for Men Active 3's multi-functionality. The problem with this, however, is that it's thickness makes it harder to rinse off than most other body washes. This isn't a huge problem and is more than made up for by the product's other uses. As a shampoo, Nivea for Men Active 3 works great. And it works OK as a shaving creme. Still, I prefer to just use my shaving gel.  All in all, Nivea for Men Active 3 does everything it says. It just doesn't do any of those things particularly well.     

Minneapolis, MN


Nivea for Men Active Sport Body Wash

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