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Nivea Touch of Smoothness Moisturizing Body Wash

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Great Body Wash


Nivea touch of smoothness is a very good product that cleans and freshens your skin during showering or bathing. It makes your body smell clean and refreshing. I've used this Body wash numerous times and it's a very good fit with Nivea products. It moisturizes and soaks into your skin. It makes your skin soft. I recommend this body wash for everyone who needs moisturizers for their skin . I've used several of the Nivea products it is a great brand of products. Effectiveness Very effective in cleaning and you can also use it to shave your legs.This product is very creamy and luxuriant and makes your skin supple and moisturized. Makes your skin soft and silky feeling. No oily feeling, just very smooth and soft feeling of the skin. Also this body wash has no drying affects to the skin. Scent Smells great and very appealing to the senses. It doesn't have an over powering scent like some body washes have.

Bay City, MI


If you want soft skin then Nivea Body wash is the way to go!


I have very dry skin, and I am not sure if it is from lack of water or I was just handed with this. I have tried many body washes because most of the time they make my skin even more dryer. With Nivea Touch of Smoothness body wash for women I was very satisfied. After my shower my skin felt hydrated and very smooth. The smell is wonderful and very subtle and the same time. Not that fragrance of a perfume. It is clean and the bottle has lasted forever. All you need is a little bit in a pouf or your hand and it goes a long way. It lathers great and my skin just felt better overall. I have recommended it to others, like my mother, because she has some of the same skin problems, and it helped her too. So being as this wonderful product has helped my mother and I, I would recommend Nivea Touch of smoothness moisturizing body wash to any one that has dry skin. Not only does it hydrate and make your skin soft, it smells absolutely GREAT!

Riverside, CA


Nivea Touch of smoothness in tea rose and almond scent.


Nivea Touch of Smoothness Moisturizing body wash in tea rose and almond scent is a very creamy body wash that moisturizes well and lathers very well. I first used this product when I bought it on sale with a coupon. I made the mistake of not smelling it prior to purchase. This is a large bottle, and it does work very well and leaves skin soft and supple, however, I am really turned off at the scent of this product. I think that it stinks... I know other people who thinks that this bodywash has a light and pleasant scent, however, i find it somewhat repulsive, in fact, i used it for a couple of weeks and decided that I could no longer tolerate smelling this scent and just threw the rest of the almost full bottle away due to it's scent. I gave this bodywash a rating of 3 because I think it works well, but the smell is awful. I personally would not recommend this product just based on scent alone, but if it had a different smell then I would have given it 5 stars and recommended it. If you like the smell of tea rose and almond mixed, then go ahead and try this....if you don't, then leave it on the shelf, like I should have done.



This makes me want to be touched! Even in the Winter!


My daughter received a Nivea Body Wash Bath Set for Christmas, and it contained a bottle of Nivea Touch of Smoothness Moisturizing Body Wash, with a hint of Tea Rose Blossom, and Almond Essence. She loved it and insisted I try it. I did try it and was really happy with the way it left me feeling not only clean, but smelling good and my skin was smooth, and felt really moisturized. Even hours later my skin was still feeling great, refreshed. It is a silky cream / gel that foams without a pouf.  It is mild on your skin, I have sensitive skin, and this has been great for my skin.  The smell is soft and lingers for hours after you have taken your shower or bath. I am an Olay fan, but I just added Nivea body wash to the list as well. I will continue to use this, and my Olay wash, not at the same time of course:) Touch and be touched is the Nivea motto,  there is a reason. You will want to be touched after using this body wash.

In the sun, FL


Smells Good, Works Great!


  I had a good coupon for the Nivea Touch of Smoothness Moisturizing Body Wash, so I decided to give it a try.  I love to try new things, and in the process, I can find some winners and some losers.  This one is definately a winner.   I have somewhat sensitive skin and the heater running constantly in the winter can really dry out my skin.  I usually use much cheaper body washes that are good enough, but when I had a chance to try something of more quality for about the same price, I jumped at it.    This body wash has a wonderful light scent of tea rose and almond essence that immediately makes me feel better in the shower.  The moisture in the body wash does not dry out my skin and does not leave me red and itchy like some body washes do.    There are no fancy swirls, no glitter, no bright colors to this body wash.  Just straight-up quality.  Even though this body wash can be a bit pricy, it will definately be my go-to product from now on.  To me, it is worth it.

Saint Clair Shores, MI


Nivea Touch of Smoothness Moisturizing Body Wash

4.6 5