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Nivea My Silhouette

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So glad I didn't have to pay for this.


LUCKILY, I got a bottle of this for free from a friend. Let's start with I'm a sucker and will try ANYTHING that promises to improve my appearance. Oh, I can reduce the appearance of my cellulite with some lotion? OKAY! I followed the instructions as directed, twice a day, morning a night, until I finished the entire tube of product. My results were...nonexistent. The product isn't really a lotion, more like uhm, I'd say a serum, maybe? It's a clear product with a green tint to. Kind of like aloe looking in a way? Does that make sense? [No probably doesn't make sense, oops] It doesn't really feel like lotion when you put it on either but I have no idea how to describe it. It's sticky when you first apply it so you have to let it dry well, which doesn't take long. But there were no results when I used the product and I was suckered in once again for some dumb reason. I do not recommend the product in any way.



This is a scam product


Don't believe the hype. As much as you want to believe it, don't. This product will not tighten up your skin, it will not tone your loose skin, it will not change your physical appearance. I'm not sure why I even tried it, but I did fall for it and I feel like I've been ripped off. I noticed no difference, not even a placebo effect!



Nivea My Silhouette was disappointing


After reviewing many and many reviews on this product, even though I was skeptical I decided to do it my silhouette. For starters just want give a brief comment on the fact that I'm in decent shape. I'm 5,5 and weigh 125. I've always fairly thicker thighs but my body is definetely well proportioned. Now even after excersizing regularly for the life of me, I can't get rid of the cellulite I have. So I decided to try this product. You're supposed to put it on twice a day every day, morning and evening. I did just so for a couple months. Pretty religiously. I would put it on right after my shower on towel dried skin.And in the evening before I went to bed. I didn't really like the stickiness of it right after the application but I have to admit I did really like the smell of it. I can't say, however, that I've seen any difference in two months. Maybe it just didn't react to my cellulite like it did on other people but I found it didnt' work my mine.

Point Roberts, WA




Okay I'm a sucker.  A sucker for anything magical that can reduce the signs of mismanaged health and obedience to healthy regimens.  I am convinced there will someday be a magical pill so that we can eat whatever the heck we want and still have a body to die for, as well as lotions and other concoctions to make our skin and hair beautiful while swimming in the pool and laying out 6 days a week in the radient sun. Delusional?  Maybe.  But along came a great coupon (which I am equally a sucker for), and hence the purchase of Nivea's My Silhouette. I used this diligently on my belly and thighs, hoping not only that it would make me look slimmer, but also do something about the horrors that pregnancy had instilled on these areas.  The results, notta.  Zilch. Yes it feels great going on, cool, and silky, and smells nice.  But it does nothing of the sort that my husband or I noticed to "redefine the appearance of the body's contours".  In the end, it may "redefine" your checking account, but nothing on your body. Here's to holding out for the magic pill!!

Palm Harbor, FL


Eh, I didn't notice anything too exciting.


I found this product on a great sale when I was pregnant with my 2nd child and bought 2 bottles.  I put it on my shelf and anticipated the great results that I was hoping for after I would use it once the baby arrived.  I used it once a day on my belly and thighs area.  The product says it should last for 30 days, but maybe I wasn't using it enough becuase I probably stretched it out to twice that amount.  It does have a bit of an astringent, tightening feel to it. It doesn't smell bad, but it also doesn't really smell great.  I did feel like it helped the appearance of my skin a little, but it could also just have been becuase I was dropping the extra pounds naturally as well.  I don't ever remember feeling like "wow, this is working!"  I eventually stopped using it and also didn't feel like anything changed.  I still have a partial bottle and am considering pulling it back out now that the summer months are approaching.  Unless you find a a great sale, I would definately say, it's not worth your money.

Grand Rapids, MI


It works!


I worried about my thigh because I had gained my weight. After using this product, I found my thigh became more thiner! It also help maintain beautiful body shape. I used one bottle last year and I will buy another one for this summer.

Burke, VA


Nivea's My Silhouette cream didn't work as well as anticipated


Nivea My Silhouette is a redefining gel-cream that you apply twice daily to your hips, thighs,  waist and belly to make skin look firmer and/or tighter.  The bottle states that you should see results in 4 weeks....I am still waiting. I am a mother of three who suffers from "loose" skin in the belly/waist area due to the expansion and contraction of the belly in pre and post-pregnancy.  In a quest to recover (atleast partially) my 'pre-baby' body, I exercise religiously and try different skin-firming creams.  This one did not live up to my expectations.  Maybe I was expecting too much, but being an avid and happy user of Nivea's anti-cellulite cream, I was hoping for the same great results.  There may have been a slight increase in firmness--but I attribute this to the sit-ups.  Sorry Nivea, but I am seeing more from just putting the anti-cellulite lotion on my belly/waist, not just my thighs. 

Columbus, OH


Nivea My Silhouette

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