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Nivea Body Wash Touch of Harmony Cream Oil

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Heavenly harmony in my shower


I admit that I am tough to please when it comes to aromas and even tougher to please when it comes to body wash.  However, the combination of Nivea, Cream Oil, Shea Butter and Vanilla was too good to pass up especially with the winter dry skin blues upon me. So with coupon in hand I purchased Nivea Body Wash Touch of Harmony Cream Oil.  Nivea Body Wash Touch of Harmony Cream Oil is soft and silky and so much fun to use in the shower. You simply pour some on your wash cloth or loofah. It doesn't lather a lot, but how much do you really need to get clean.  The first thing you notice is the relaxing aroma of shea butter and vanilla, the next thing is how silky smooth this body wash is on your skin.  Nivea Body Wash Touch of Harmony Cream Oil is soothing, silky, calming to my skin and senses and not as expensive as the [Philosophy Gingerbread][1] that I also enjoy.  It's definitely a keeper. My only disappointment is that soon after my skin is dry and itchy again - my husband pointed out that it IS winter, but I explained that's no excuse - to get five stars with me it better moisture my skin a whole lot longer after my shower, not just in it!  [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Philosophy-The-Gingerbread-Man-reviews Effectiveness After using you feel clean, soothed and refreshed. Scent The scent lingers in the bathroom for a little while and slightly on your skin but not enough to interfere with your other beauty rituals like lotion or perfume.

Houston, TX


Slippery Nivea Body Wash Touch of Harmony Cream Oil


I started using the Nivea Body Wash Touch of Harmony Cream Oil last week and the reason I put the word "slippery" in my title is because that is what my bath tub is like now! Extremely slippery. In fact, I have a huge bruise on my leg from slipping in the tub and it's the only new product that I started using lately! I guess it's the oil in the product that will make your bathtub floor very slippery. So, be warned. I don't want others to get hurt like I did. It has a nice smell and I like the feel of my skin after using it, but I am not sure that it's worth purchasing again after seeing what it does to my bathtub floor. It's a little pricy unless you can get it on sale with a coupon, so that is why I have it and am using it.

Harvest, AL


had me at orange blossom


My skin dries out easily, so I always look out for body washes that have some type of cream or oil in them. I used to use one made my Dove, which was wonderful, but then they stopped making the ONLY scent of that particular bodywash I liked. Back to square one! Not too long after, Nivea came out with this bodywash. It was a little bit pricey, even on sale, but I am willing to pay a little bit more for something that works well. I actually do not use this particular scent (I used Touch of Happiness, which smells like orange blossoms... or a creamcicle! Mmm...) but the scent I use is the same exact product. It smells wonderful, and it creates such a good lather on a body puff... and the lather lasts for your whole body! It cleanses well and rinses off, leaving my skin feeling oh so soft and smooth, without leaving a greasy residue. In the summer time I do not even have to use a lotion after showering, my skin is that soft. Highly reccomend!

Springfield, MA


Nivea Touch of Harmony body wash is the best


This is hands down THE best body wash I have found - and I've tried them all. Touch of Harmony has a luxurious scent that is not overpowering. It is light and creamy smelling. It lathers very nicely and moisturizes. I do not even have to bother with shaving creams anymore. The lather is so rich, I can just use the body wash instead of shave cream or gel. The real test for me was after I was dry again. I did not need any lotion anywhere, not my legs, shoulders - not even the small of my back. That can be a tender spot in the winter time when you lean forward. It was not drying in the least. Aside from feeling soft all day, I also felt clean. It does not take a lot either, so this bottle will be lasting me quite some time. It does not leave your skin greasy or oily at all. Even my husband noticed how silky my skin felt. I will definately be purchasing this exact body again - the Touch of Harmony.

Tulsa, OK


Nivea Body Wash Touch of Harmony Cream Oil works good


Nivea Body Wash Touch of Harmony Cream Oil is fantastic!!!! I have normal skin so summer time is no problem for me ...but winter is entirely different story.... my skin gets extremely dry and i have tried several different lotions and was getting frustrated... thats when i got to try this body wash and found out that my lotions were not the culprits!!!!! my body wash were!!!! now i dont use any other body washes but only this one dutring the winter time..... and my skin looks great.... no more drying out...who knew!!!! And the smell is awesome too... Its smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling sooooo soft and silky... no itching after using soap or some other body washes.. I would defenitely recommend this for anyone with a problem of dry skin..espicially during winter time...and its available in almost all grocery stores and price is reasonable too... over all love this product.....

Allen, TX


nivea body wash


i personally don't like the nivea body wash for women. they leave you too oily and not fresh feeling. i like the one for the men but this one i do not like at all. i got it from walgreens for free after the money back so it was definately worth a try. if you are the type that likes to take hot baths with chocolate oil than you will probably love all of these, but if you are the type that likes to take a cold shower with something minty than these products are not for you. what is nice about it is the way the bottle is shaped. it's very easy to grab and will fit easily in your shower. i ended up giving away all of mine to my mom. i thought i would like the because i like most products from nivea but this was not one of them. what i think this is missing is the little piece that scrubs you when you wash. these products are like half lotion half cream so i don't feel like it really cleans you well.

Carrollton, TX


Nivea body wash is amazing!


I got a bottle of the Nivea Body Wash about a month ago and have decided that I will never go back to any other brand! This stuff is amazing! It smells like a dream and leaves me super soft and clean feeling. I actually get excited to take a shower because I know i'm going to be able to smell my body wash soon! Haha, it's just that great! I love how it lathers up really well. It seems to just bubble over my entire body. The bottle is actually big! I can see myself using this for a long time because a little bit out of that big bottle goes a very long way. I love that it's very inexpensive and that there are usually some pretty good coupons that make it very reasonable to purchase. I have tried tons of body washes but this one is the best that I have seen so far. I can't believe I ever showered without it! I hope that everyone gives it a try. It's great scent and soft after feeling is sure to please just about anoyone!

Chesapeake, VA


Nivea Body Wash Touch of Harmony Cream Oil

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