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Nivea Body Reshaping Treatment with Q10 and Active Soy Extract

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Nice feel... nice consistency.


Out of the tub, this product just feels nice. I was worried that it would be too thick and I would get it stuck under my fingernails each morning. But it's smooth and creamy to the touch and there's no digging in the tub for it. It smooths on easily and has a nice scent.

Galloway, OH


I love the way this leaves my skin


I didn't realize how much I liked this product until I stopped using it and tried some others.  It's not greasy nor does it leave my skin feeling too "tight" and it does not have a funny or strong smell to it that some have.  I have a problem with my skin since it tends to react adversely by breaking out or getting rashes with some products that are meant for aging skin yet I do need extra moisture at my age.  I do not have any problems with Nivea.   I didn't realize how well this product smoothed my skin until I temporarily switched to something else and eventually starting developing that dimply look that indicates cellulite.  Needless to say, I'm back to Nivea Reshaping Treatment and my skin is looking smooth and feeling soft again.  It absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling natural and my husband commenting on how great it feels and the dimples are gone.  

New York, NY


Nivea Body Reshaping Treatment with Q10 and Active Soy Extract

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