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NIVEA A Kiss of Flavor Passion Fruit Tinted Lip Care

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NIVEA Passion Fruit Tinted Lip Care


I like Nivea products and I actually have two or three of their lip care sticks. I'm not that fond of this one. The taste is sweet, and if you are looking for a little color, I think you actually get a lot, considering it's called a tint. I think the name of this product is a little misleading, as it's called lip care. I don't feel like it does anything to soothe my lips, but rather acts like a light lipstick. I also find that after a little while it wears off and my lips are always very dry. I like their other version, Milk & Honey, it goes on clear with no flavor and provides nice moisture. This is nice to add a little shine and color, but I don't think it qualifies as lip care.




Nice flavor


This has a pretty red tint color. when applied stands out almost like a lipstick so if your not fond of having a red tint color prolly will be a bit too dramatic. it keeps the lip somewhat moisture need to reapply pretty often for someone with dry lips like mines. i really like the smell and size. it lasts pretty long , so far ive used it for more than a month and theres still half a tube left. I have  boughtthe other version too , my fave is the blue moisture ones works better in moisturizing and has a nice baby scent too.  The other version like shimmer wasn't that great at moisturizing at all but it was pretty. I got like 5 type of nivea lipcare because there was a deal at drugstore.com which pretty much sold them at 1.50 each so at that price this lip care product was a good deal for me. Personally this particular one is my second fave and after using it for awhile i did not mind the red tint at first it looked really dramatic and too much for me. 


Lowell, MA


More than a kiss of color in Nivea kiss of flavor


I am a fan of Nivea lip products so I was excited to try A Kiss of Flavor.  I was looking forward to the light tinted lip gloss, but found that the color is rather bright for my liking.  It is more of a bright pink than the subtle violet sheen that the product advertises it to have.  The flavor of passion fruit is more of a cherry chapstick flavor and tastes rather waxy.  It gets rather tiring to be tasting.  As far as moisturizing my lips, I will say that it does as good a job as any other of the Nivea lip products which I enjoy.  I have a feeling that this product however will end up in my drawer going mostly unused unless I want a kiss of bright pink on my lips.  Nivea lip products are a bit more expensive than some others, however I have been able to find coupons quite frequently and pair them with store sales to get a good deal. Overall I would say that it would have been helpful to be able to see the acutal color before buying the product and that I would not buy it again.


Thousand Oaks, CA


Pink and Fruity


I am a lip gloss/lip balm addict through and through and think that I have tried the majority of lip products on the market.  I really enjoyed the Nivea Kiss of Flavor lip balm.  The lip balm is a bit pricier than a tube of chapstick, but has a lot more benefits.  The lip balm is creamy and stays on your lips and keeps them hydrated throughout the day.  The flavor is a nice, burst of cherry goodness, but not too overpowering.  The color is the only con.  It is bright bright pink!  If you are in the market for bright pink lipstick or a bright pink tint, then this is the lip balm for you!  Be careful when applying because if you go on your skin then you will have a pink stained face for a little while.  My daughter proved this when she got into my purse and took the lip balm out and put it all over her face.  I would say that she enjoyed the flavor, but mom did not enjoy the pink sheen that the product left on her precious face.


Independence, MO


Nivea Kiss of Flavor: Works well enough. Strong tint.


I have to say, when I first tried the Kiss of Flavor variety of Nivea's lip gloss, I was a little surprised:  I was expecting a little bit of tint similar to most other tinted lip glosses.  So, I am here to tell you that when they say "tinted", they aren't playing around.  I've had lipsticks that don't put this much red on your lips.  So, unless you are dark complected enough to rock dark red, I probably wouldn't recommend putting this on at work. That said, though, it's not a bad lip gloss.  The wide tubes are a bit nicer than the usual Blistex-sized tubes and the lip gloss itself is pretty high quality.  It wipes off fairly easily and it's a bit thin, but it does a good job of protecting and moisturing.  (And it feels a bit more luxurious than your standard lip balm.) All in all, I'd say it's worth a shot.  If you don't like the color, you can always wipe it off or just try the un-tinted variety.


Gastonia, NC


nivea lip care a kiss of flavor passion fruit is really yummy!


Whenever I buy lip care products, I usually consider the color, feel and the taste. It has to give my lips a subtle color, because I like having the natural look. The feel is also important, cause I don't wanna feel like I have something on my lips. Finally, the taste matters to me too. Since the products is on my lips, there's a chance that I'll digest it and I certainly wouldn't wanna taste something awful. Nivea's Passion Fruit lip balm is certainly something I love. I have been using it for years and it is the only lip balm that I have been using ever since I purchased it. The subtle hint of color it puts on my lips is just right for me, and it's light so I don't feel awkward. It keeps my lips feeling and looking natural. The taste is also wonderful. I love the taste of passion fruit. It tastes just like the real thing too! So I strongly recommend nivea lip care a kiss of passion fruit. It's definitely worth it!


Compton, CA


NIVEA A Kiss of Flavor Passion Fruit Tinted Lip Care

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