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Nissan Thermos French Press

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Light and compact Nissan Thermos French Press


I have been using the Nissan Thermos French Press for a few weeks and really like it so far! I have noticed that it locks in temperature and my coffee stays flavorful and fresh with this product. I like that this product is stainless steel on the inside and the outside and it can not break. It is very durable and functional and I use it almost every day to enjoy my morning coffee. This product brews your coffee without using electricity so I can take it anywhere with me. The handle is shaped nicely so it is comfortable to pick up and hold. I love that it is very light and compact so I can transport it easily. I recently took a business trip and brought the Nissan Thermos French Press with me and my co-workers were asking if they could use it to make coffee! The outside of the this product never gets hot, no matter how hot of a liquid is inside. I am very glad I bought this product and it is my favorite way to make coffee.



The only french press that keeps my coffee hot!


I LOVE this Nissan French Press! I have had it for years and have tried other french presses but this one is the best.  The main reason that I love it is that it keeps my coffee warm. If you use a french press then that means you like your coffee to taste fresh and strong and the last thing that you want to do is to reheat it in the microwave! I know that I am suppose to put the coffee in another pot after four minutes but that requires more dishes and having a whole other thermos. I also love that this is not a glass french press. I have had other french presses in the past and have chipped the edges or broken them while cleaning and the Nissan Thermos French Press I can clean without being delicate and worried. The screen on the french press is also great, I never get large coffee grinds in my cup.  I have had this Nissan Thermos French Press for about five years and I use it almost ever day and it still looks great and works just as good as the first day I had it! 

Portland, OR


Nissan Thermos French Press

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