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Shampoo for Damaged Hair
Nioxin Shampoo

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Tingly Clean


I used to use this product daily. My husband just recently purchased it for himself. This shampoo is pretty pricy, but it a very good, high quality shampoo. The fragrance is minty, and it tingles your scalp as you wash your hair. It feels really good almost like a mini head massage. When I used this shampoo everyday, I noticed a visual difference in my new hair growth. I had a visible line in my hair that proved that this shampoo promoted much healthier, shinier, and much more manageable hair. I am glad my husband bought some more of this shampoo. I will again start using it and am sure that I will see my hair health improve which is exciting, since I have recently been very irritated with a never ending bout of bad hair days.

Strasburg, VA


Nioxin Shampoo makes my hair feel clean


I purchased the Nioxin shampoo during my last hair cut from the stylist that was trimming and styling my hair. I told her that I felt as though my hair did not have much body anymore and that it kept going flat very quickly. She said that although I had a lot of hair, it was very thin. She recommended that I try the Nioxin shampoo and that I should have better results. I tried the shampoo and my hair felt clean and fresh. I also tried it with the scalp therapy and then I did not like the results. I found that I can use the shampoo alone or with an over the counter basic conditioner and have great looking hair. I no longer feel that my hair goes flat before lunchtime. It has a lot better body then before I began using the Nixion shampoo. Even my husband uses my shampoo on occasion and likes the results. I would definitely recommend the shampoo, but I would not recommend using it with the scalp therapy.

Colorado Springs, CO


Nioxin Shampoo

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