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Nioxin Conditioner for damaged hair

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nioxin is a miracle!


I always had thick hair all my life. Well, when my husband lost his job thanks to the eonderful economy. I uppe my antidepressents, bill collectors started to call, home went into foreclosure, my hair started coming out in clumps! It was broken and thinning. I had always admired my 61 year old neighbor. Her hair was alway salon beautiful. I started chatting with her one day and basically spilling my guts. She said stress was thinning my hair. After her husband passed from a lon bout with cancer hers did the same thing. She loved him so intensely and missed him even more. So, in turn she talked to her hair stylist that recommended Nioxin and has never gone back sense. My hair has fully recovered. We were able to save our home,but catching up feels like it is killing us. But I have my beautiful, full, thick tresses and that is one less thing to worry about. The whole line of products feels so good and lasts a good long time!

Seguin, TX


Good product


I purchased Nioxin Conditioner for Damaged hair from my local ULTA store as a part of their holiday special.  The product was recommended to me by the ULTA stylist for thin damaged hair to bring it back to life.  I purchased the shampoo and conditioner together.  Nioxin products come in different levels depending on the type of hair you have and whether you treat it with coloring or other products.  I purchased the Level 1 product for natural uncolored hair.  I tried both the shampoo and conditioner that evening.  So, both the shampoo and conditioner have a strong minty smell ( not my preference, but you get used to it and its not that bad).  The shampoo looks like a green gel, the conditioner looks like your everyday normal conditioner.  So, I applied the product and left it in for 1-3 minutes as directed.  When I washed it out my hair did seem stronger and fewer dead hairs fell out when I washed my hair clean.  Over the last couple weeks I have noticed my hair seems healthier and fuller.  Its not a huge difference, but enough to recommen spending the bucks on the Nioxin.

Sugar Land, TX


Nioxin conditioner- looking that good is worth the extra money


When I tried the entire Nioxin regime, it worked wonders on my naturally curly, dry damaged hair. It was recommended to me by a master barber who gave me a free sample because I hedged about the price. The results were defiantly worth it. My extremely damaged hair bounced up into its natural ringlets, shone, and the after conditioner treatment did amazing things with my thin hair. The smell was a slight turn off to me, I am used to smelling flowery conditioner and this product smelled like menthol or spearmint. But the tingling sensation on my scalp left it feeling clean and refreshed. THe product itself is marketed more as a scientific breakthrough than a girly sweet smelling conditioner. It claims to chemically react with dead skin cells and other things clogging up your hair folicles and causing dandruff, hair loss, lack of luster and shine. I did see a difference in my scalp after usign the product. All in all buy and try Nioxin conditioner, and the whole shampoo. conditioner, leave in kit- you will love it :)



Nioxin Conditioner for damaged hair

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