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Hair Loss Shampoo
Nioxin Cleanser

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I been using Nioxin products for years Great Product


Nioxin cleaner and the other fine line of Nioxin Products have help in the loss of hair when I shower and shampoo my hair. I've used Nioxin for more than 5 years now and have nothing bad to say about this line of shampoo's and conditioners.

Port Saint Lucie, FL


Nioxin does help hair growth but dries out your hair.


My hair stylist recommended that I try using Nioxin Shampoo, Conditioner and "Mousse" since I was losing alot of hair for the first time in my life.  I had very fully hair and was upset that you could see my scalp.  I have been using the three products exclusively  for over a year.  My hair stylist  thinks she sees some hair growth but I do not.  I am still losing hair.  The products are very expensive and you have to find a place to buy them such as beauty shops.  They are not available at normal drugstore.  Considering how expensive the products are, it seems to be not worth the money.  The "conditioner" does not make my hair seem soft or silky but the opposite - it makes my hair much dryer and non lusterous.  it is worth a try if you want, but don't buy the really big bottles in case you don't like it.  There are sometimes some "packs" with all three products together for a discounted price.

Dearborn, MI


Great shampoo...works wonders for itchy scalps!


My scalp used to drive me nuts with itching and flaking. Plus I am unfotunate enough to love wearing black. Regular dandruff shampoos only made it worse. This definitely keeps things in check and I do believe my fine hair also has more body than I generally notice with other shampoos. Not only do the shampoo and conditioner feel great - they're kind of minty and tingly - but from the first treatment I noticed without question that my hair looked fuller and thicker. My hair is softer, easier to style and just healthier looking. I have noticed I have been losing hair receltly and this has stopped some of it from happening. there is also no build up on my scalp which makes this product work like a miracle. No build up means no dandruff which means a happy itch free me! I also purchased a Follicle Booster along with this system. I HIGHLY recommend this product. If you are sitting on the fence about buying this product don't wait any longer. Give it a try. It is nice having my scalp feeling so healthy!

Perrysburg, OH


Makes your hair feel tingly all over


I was recommended the Nioxin cleanser brand Shampoo, Deep Scalp Therapy conditioner and spray by a hair stylist to help regrow the hair on the back of my head.  I've noticed my hair feels a lot more full than it was, and there appears to be some regrowth in the back of my head.  The products are great.  Like I said in the heading, it makes your hair feel tingly all over.  The conditioner smells a little like mentho-lyptus on your head and kind of burns, but it reminds me of toothpaste for the head- minty smell that burns the mouth, kills the germs, and makes your breath smell good.   The spray that comes with my kit is supposed to be sprayed on following the shampoo and conditioner.  My hair has never felt so soft, either.  I actually can't keep my hair styled well because it's so soft.  I can't say much about the price.  I know it can be spendy for the kit, but I was able to get it at cost by knowing the hair-stylist 

Fargo, ND


Nioxin Cleanser

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