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Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Green Console

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A Retro Gamer Must Have


When hand held gaming units started gaining popularity the Game Boy was one of the premiere picks for gamers. There were a lot of different titles available for it and the controls were easy to get used to. Compared to the gaming units being released now the graphics are sub par but at the time it was one of the coolest things to have. I had two Game Boy hand held gaming units; both of them are still operational and function almost perfectly. Oddly enough, both of them have the same issue with the battery cover becoming extremely loose over time. The body of the Game Boy is tough and has withstood more than a few drops. This will only play Game Boy game cartridges so if you have Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance games, they will not work with this. Even though the graphics are not all that great there are some games that are still a lot of fun to play on it. While it is often referred to as "retro gaming", I still use them when I am waiting for programs to download or in the basement doing laundry. It's powered by two AA size batteries but there are AC power cords that can be purchased to power the unit. While there are pros and cons to the Game Boy it's a part of video game history; Nintendo has made a lot of improvements to the original black and white version since the release of the Game Boy but both of mine are still going strong. Graphics Quality It's 8 bit graphics aren't great but most games are still playable.



Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Green Console

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