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Nikon - S6100 16 MP with 7X Zoom Digital Camera

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Nikon makes a great small camera for your pocket.


I have owned Nikon Coolpix cameras for years and is the only one I prefer. My last one was many years old so I decided to go out for the new model. I purchased a red one (easy to find in your purse) if not in a case. This model is 16 MP and has a 7X zoom. It is great for taking pictures and compared to the larger cameras I personally think it takes better pictures. I hate carrying large camera equipment on vacation and this one I can slip into my purse or into a pocket with no problem. I purchased this one to take on our next cruise that way I will have it with many at all times. This cameral is ready t shoot whenever you are. Just take it out of your pocket and frame your photo in a 3 inch Touch Monitor. You can touch the screen to adjust, focus and shoot. It is that simple. The Coolpix S6100 includes in-camera picture editing so you have access to Nikon's quick retouch. This camera even tracks moving subjects, automatically keeping them in focus. The screen's brightness control and anti-glare coating make it easy to compose, view and share your photos....you can even watch them in a slide show if you so wish too.

Bentonville, AR


Nikon - S6100 16 MP with 7X Zoom Digital Camera

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