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Nikon - L16 Digital Camera

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I would give Nikon cool pix L18 camera zero stars


I recieved this camera Nikon L16 digital camera for a valentines day gift from my sweetie. At first I loved it, it was lightweight easy to use and took photos and videos. The first problem was it drains the battery life fast. It started costing me more in batteries than the camera was worth. Not even two months after using this camera it wont work. Of course I called customer service and the told me no problem send it back of course at my expense its still under warranty we will get it fixed and shipped back to you. A week later I get a letter telling me the lens is broke excuse me the camera does not have a scratch on it was never dropped and for 107.95 they will repair this camera. The camera new is 125.00. the problem was the clicker not lens. Poorly made waste of money garbage. I looked up other reviews and people have had the same problem after a few months using the camera and were told the same as I was the warranty does not cover the lens. I would never ever buy a Nikon camera again the worst on the market.  

Jackson Heights, NY


Nikon L16 Camera could be better


The Nikon L16 was given to me as a birthday gift last year. At first, I really liked the lightweight feel, color (red), and the size of the screen. However, after a couple months I noticed that it eats batteries way to fast. Also, when I pushed down on the button to take the picture, the picture on the screen took about 5 - 10 seconds to focus before taking the shot. I find this camera a bit disappointing because of its slow picture taking and battery usage. I would not recommend buying this even though the colored ones look cool.

New Haven, CT


Nikon - L16 Digital Camera

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