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Nikon - EN-EL3e Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (B000BYCKU8) for D200, D300, D700 and D80 Digital SLR Cameras

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Nikon EN-EL3E camera battery


I purchased a spare battery for my D200 camera recently and I found it to perform as well, if not better than the original. (Battery which was included with the D200) The charge time from complete drain to fully charged was less than 45 minutes and the battery lasts about 4-5 hours, before I usually need to get it charged again. The primary thing I like about this battery is the fact it will work with my portable non-nikon branded car charger (although it takes about 15 more minutes to fully charge compared to 45 when on AC power) I purchased this battery from amazon, but it is easily found among many other electronics stores. I suggest you use caution when making your purchase, since some locations sell "knockoffs" which may/maynot work as well as the original and I also understand that some do not contain a sensor which tells the camera how much battery life is left. Another good thing about this particular battery, is that it will also work on a D700 among others.

Pleasanton, CA


good batery


A very good lithium ion battery. I have used mine for more than four years now, and I am wondering when it will show up on the camera as bateery life "poor". For some reasonn it seems that eiher the Nikno body has no way of really teling whether the battery is still in good shapr or not, or that it really is that good of a battery. Not sure why, but I suppose the operation of a DSLR is really not energy consuming. A full charge of this battery can last a very avery long time. It also holds charge for an extremely long time. After one single charge, I can use the camera for hundreds and hundreds of pictures. THis is even including having left the battery in the camera for sometimes months. When I turn on the camera, the battery is alreayd full and ready to go, even after a long time of inactivity. The aftermarket version of thiis battery is just as good, many of them advertised as having even higher mAh then the OEMs

Santa Clara, CA


Great life


This battery is perfect for my D90.  I am a casual photographer and probably take about 100-300 shots per month.  I rarely have to charge my battery, maybe once a month, maybe less.  The great thing is that when the battery finally runs out of charge, I plug it in and its recharge in around 1 hour.  Perfect for DSLR's, I believe Nikon uses the same battery for multiple models of their SLR's.  So if you want to upgrade you can keep your camera you can use the battery as an extra.  The battery mount is simple and impossible to get wrong.  Another positive note is that I have seen no sign of corrosion on the battery or inside the battery chamber.  I had a digital camera years ago that was ruined by the corrosion in the batter chamber, it just wouldn't turn on.  So the longevity a security of this battery is good.  I definitely recommend this and maybe you could buy two versus the more expensive battery upgrade.  Definitely recommended!

Daytona Beach, FL


Nikon - EN-EL3e Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (B000BYCKU8) for D200, D300, D700 and D80 Digital SLR Cameras

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