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Nikon D800 D-SLR Camera

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I love nikon


This great full fream camera .. I like it Nikon D800 36mp yeah this real 36mp I have nikon D7100 and really i wanna buy D800


Sufyan . Libya


Power House for Production


I made the switch over to this camera and boy was I ever happy I did. Now I can do my video productions and photography all with one camera in such a small package. Coming from using an another Nikon I was able to pick up the controls very easy nothing was hard to figure out and easy to get to. The image quality is super with its full frame and high megapixels. You can crop in very close when blowing up to lager sizes and never loose quality. Be aware that the files sizes are huge because of the megapixels so make sure you have plenty of space. I use this with my Atomos Ninja 2 for long video recordings and productions. I've used this camera in all different types of weather and never had a problem. It's a well built machine and does weigh quite a bit especially with a battery grip and a large lens. I can't really see a beginner trying to use this camera but it's up to you. Bottom line get this camera now!




Nikon D800 D-SLR Camera

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