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Nikon Coolpix S9100 Digital Camea

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i love it!


I got this camera one year as A gift and it's been one of my favorites for a long time. The battery life is nice and the picture quality is to die for. I've not had many cameras, but I love the picture clarity with the nikon coolpix s9100. Everyone loves the pictures that've come from me using this camera and I'm super grateful I received it. I love the zoom and fast and responsive shutter speed as well. The price is fairly reasonable and I just love the convenience of carrying and using it. I'd definitely recommend it to any casual photographer s out there, but it might not be your cup of tea if you're looking to lean towards experience for serious photography. I'd only recommend it for the casual camera user like myself, not for professionally trained individuals as it won't meet your needs. Otherwise though it's a fabulous device and I enjoy using it every chance I get!



Nice pics but too complicated for everyday use


I asked for a "simple" camera with video capabilities after our first son was born. My parents went above and beyond and bought this camera for us. No matter how hard I try I cannot seem to find a basic setting for everyday pictures. I am constantly missing great moments trying to find the right setting. Active toddlers and pets are blurry - particularly if they're in the same shot. You either have a blinding flash that washes out everything in the shot or not enough light. There seems to be no happy medium. Sometimes I would like to take shots with natural light but if the light isn't bright "enough" for the shot the flash makes everything look like it was taken in direct sunlight. We recently went to see a comedian and at the beginning of the show he allowed everyone to take his picture before the show started. I tried EVERY setting on the camera in order to get light, distance, motion, etc. in one shot. I took about 10 pictures and every one was a failure. I've seen much cheaper cameras take better pictures. Bottom line: If you're taking artsy stills this is probably a great camera. I've seen some amazing shots in the flickr group for this model. But most of them are landscapes, bugs, flowers, etc. There aren't a lot of three year olds on the go, which is my main subject. Image Quality The successful pictures are pretty good. Durability The lens cover freezes from time to time. When this happens you have to take the battery out and "reset" the camera. After searching the problem online I saw that it's a common problem with this model. Battery Life I can go weeks without recharging. Portability Great size for family outings. Fits in a larger pocket or belt case.

Springfield, OH


Nikon Coolpix S9100 Digital Camea

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