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Nikon Coolpix P310 Digital Camera

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Great substitute for when you can't carry your DSLR


I can't carry my DSLR everywhere (too big, heavy, and attention-getting), so I was pleased to find an affordable alternative in this Nikon Coolpix P310. Image Quality One problem I always have is dark or blurry photos in low-light situations. This model reduces the problem quite a bit. I have been very pleased with my results. I also appreciate the built-in wide-angle lens that improves my landscape photos. Performance For a camera of its type and class, I think this camera does very well. I wish I'd gotten one much earlier! In a few years, when it's time to replace this one, I'll certainly be looking for something similar. Battery Life Not sure if this a problem with my camera specifically, but when the camera is hooked up to my computer (via USB), the battery indicator always shows 100%, even if the battery is dead. Makes it a bit difficult to gauge how much recharging is necessary at any given time. However, I use the camera frequently and find the battery life more than enough for my needs. Portability It's larger and heavier than the average person could carry around in a pocket (I would have preferred for it to be a little shorter length-wise), but in situations where it would be awkward to tote around a DSLR, this camera is obviously less ostentatious and easier to stow away in a purse or bag.

Sugar Land, TX


Nikon Coolpix P310 Digital Camera

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