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Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

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This camera takes great pictures and is easy to use.


My husband and I love this camera. He did a lot of research before we purchased this one. We love the quality of the pictures. It has several features we like. It takes black and white. It also takes pictures that are mostly black and white except for the color you want it to pick up in the picture. We had never seen this before and love doing pictures with this setting. We would recommend this camera to anyone! Image Quality I love how great the pictures look. Great quality photos. Battery Life We do not have to charge the camera every time we need to use it.

Murfreesboro, TN


Nikon Coolpix P510


If you are looking for a nice affordable camera that takes high quality photos you can't go wrong with the Nikon Coolpix P510. It has 16.1 megapixels and has an incredible 42x zoom. Makes taking pictures from long distances really up close and clear. I would highly recommend this camera. Image Quality I think the image quality is very high. You can really see the 16 mega pixels in the quality of the photos. Performance The performance is great. The shutter is extremely quick. Ease of Use I think it is always good to read the instructions so you can understand all the features. But if you don't it is easy to use. Just press the button to snap a picture. Durability The durability is fine. It doesn't feel fragile or easy to break. Battery Life The camera takes six AA batteries. The life is pretty good but I would invest in rechargeable batteries. Portability Might not be as light as point and shoot cameras but it isn't heavy at all. Easy to carry in a purse.

Miami, FL


Blurry images... disappointed in Nikon


The camera has a very pretty face, but that's about it. Maybe if you are a really experienced photographer or have a family of mannequins or statues you can get a clear image, but every single picture I took was blurry and out of focus. Ok, not EVERY photo... the ones I took with the flash on were crisp and vibrant; however, there were only four of those since you only get two pictures per set of batteries before they go dead. This camera was so frustrating and disappointing since I have wanted a Nikon for forever and now I had to return it and get a Cannon. :( Image Quality I say satisfactory only because the images with the flash were so clear and nice. The images without the flash, in a reasonably well lit house, were a mess. Performance The flash was extremely slow, however there were TONS of functions that would have been amazing could I have gotten a clear image with ANY of them. I tried, I really really tried. Ease of Use The functions seemed pretty easy to understand but getting a clear picture was the priority and since that was impossible, I guess it had a poor ease of use. Durability Although I never threw it, it did withstand my desire to do so. Battery Life Took two photos with the flash and the batteries went dead. Replaced them. Took two more photos... dead again. Took the batteries out and wiggled them. Turned camera back on and took one more photo. Batteries dead. It would take photos with "dead batteries" if you didn't use the flash, but what the heck is the point in that if the images are blurry. Portability I had no problem carrying it. :/

Reynoldsburg, OH


Superb DLSR for amateur Photographers - Nikon Coolpix P510


I researched new models of all brands before I ordered this one. It came in red and is beautiful and lightweight. Has options that can be found in high end professional cameras. I've gone to this in middle-age from a Canon SLR 30 years ago. Image Quality Absolutely excellent. Have the options to use manual settings or automatic - many more automatic settings than on comparable models. Every image can be beautiful - the printing makes the difference. Performance Do not have one complaint! Absolutely an excellent camera and value for the price. Ease of Use Having experience, this camera offers a little challenge with some additional manual settings. Not sure it would be for a beginner. Haven't tried the video option yet. Durability So far so good, although I've not dropped it. Battery Life This might be the one area I'd like to see some improvement. Portability Fits in my small-medium bag along with cords.

Terre Haute, IN


Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

4.3 4