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Nikon - Coolpix 2500 Digital Camera

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Lets you put digital pictures on computer


This was my first digital camera. It lets you record movies, I took this all over the place, and recorded lots of video's. I took tons of pictures. It had a really great picture, one of the best, sharp contrast, color. It has alot of options, some of them I never even figured out, it comes with a book, that would take a day and a half to read, then memorize. It is best to stick with the main menu on the camera if you dont' know what you are doing. I found myself into many menus several times, and some of the stuff was interesting the things it could do, but if you just want plain ordinary pictures, stick to the regular flash. It has party, outdoors, indoors, weather, all sorts of different settings, even different flash options. It lasted for less than a year, then it started taking dark pictures, They would all either come out dark or blurry. So if you are looking for a camera to last longer, I would invest a little more money, this one costs a little more also. But if you need good pictures and video for a special occasion soon, I would recommend but not for a long time.

Lees Summit, MO


Nikon cameras are the greatest


The Nikon CoolPIX 250 is great. My son bought it for Christmas for and I love it. I have two others but this one was so easy to use. I comes with so many thing for a little camara. It fits in your hands just perfectly. What I like the most about it, is that the lens flips in and out. You just turn it and there it is, then turn it back and it hides. That is an great safety measure. You don't have to worry about the lens getting broken or just cracked. It have a button for quick pics. One for small pics, a menu, two easy scene button that you can adjust. One touch upload, three times optical zoom. My grandkids says it is so cool. I take pictures all the time andI needed one that will fit in my pocket or in a small purse. So this is just the right one for me. It hold alot of photos and you can download the on your computer and watch the fun. I would recommend this to everyone who loves to take pictures. Nikon have a lot of cameras but this on is my favorite.

Youngstown, OH


Great Camera, Lots of features & Easy to use


I've had this camera quite a while.  It's great for any level user.  Loads of settings and the picture quality is excellent.  I've used it excessively and never had a problem with the camera.  Just battery life!  The only thing I wish was different was the delete options.  You can delete one by one or the entire card.  I'd like to be able to highlight a group and delete at one time.

Charlotte, NC


Nikon - Coolpix 2500 Digital Camera

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