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Nikon - Coolpix L5 Digital Camera

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My Nikon Coolpix is the best camera I have ever had!


Almost six years ago, my husband (then boyfriend) bought me my first digital camera. It was a pretty good one and lasted until this past christmas. Compared to my brand new Nikon Coolpix, I consider that first camera to be a dinasour!t It's funny how technology can change in a matter of only a few years. The Nikon does absolutley everything I want it to do. Major zooming capabilities, an extra large LCD screen makes it easy to see what I'm shooting, ten or more megapixels. It really is a wonderful camera. Not to mention it does all those great things for a great price too! I was expecting to pay an outrageous amount of money to get such a good camera. So not only does it do all I wanted and needed it to, it was totally affordable. Now my husband and I have a baby on the way, and I absolutely cannot wait to get some great shots of our precious little one! I know that this camera will give us quality shot that will last us for a lifetime!

Greenville, SC


Fun for the casual photographer


My son uses this camera and he has taken great pictures from it. In general, this camera works well. The quality of the photos is outstanding for a non-SLR digital camera. The only drawbacks are that the zoom is not powerful enough, the digital zoom is too pixelated, and that the focus is inconsistent. In addition, sometimes taking photos in the dark or at night may lack quality. I like the menu and options that are provided as well as the handy USB cord and camera holder that came with it. The coolpix is in a nice shade of blue with a pretty sleek design. Kids and adults alike will find it easy to use. This camera is perfect for the everyday layman who cringes at the sight of those fancy high-end models. With two double A batteries and an SD memory card, literally anyone can start taking pictures right out of the box. The coolpix line has also been in a commercial with Ashton Kutcher for anyone who cares.

Boyds, MD


old but good


i have had this nikon-coolplx l5 camera for a few years and i must say i love it it works well and takes great pic i also like that it run on battres and with the new ones out today it last a good long time.i also llike that it is easy to use just point and shoot it that easy .

Everett, MA


Nikon - Coolpix L5 Digital Camera

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