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Great pictures and videos


My husband and I bought this camera about five years ago. It's a really good size for a camera. It fits easily into a purse or shirt pocket so we can take it anywhere. I love that it has a video option as well as still picture. It's very easy to work. The settings are easy to change and it's pretty much a point and shoot camera. Our pictures have always turned out really well. I even took pictures of my two year old jumping and they still came out clear. It doesn't take forever to focus so I get great pictures even with my wiggly children. The color always turns out beautifully. My three year old has gorgeous blue eyes and they come through very clear in his pictures with this camera. I only give it a nine because it is at least five years old and I don't know how many mega pixels the average camera has now. My phone has 13 mega pixels and you can tell a difference in the pictures from my phone and this camera, but I love the Cool pix and hope it lasts a long time. I don't plan on buying a new camera for a long time. Image Quality The pictures are excellent with 10 mega pixels. Performance I've never had a problem with it. Ease of Use The easiest digital camera I've had. Durability It's lasted about five years with two kids and a husband that likes to take it fishing and hunting with him all the time. Battery Life I think the battery lasts pretty long, as long as your two year old doesn't get a hold of it. Portability It's the perfect size to take anywhere.




Great Camera Easy to use software


We just bought this lovely Nikon Coolpix L10 camera and I really love it. This camera takes very clear pictures and has so many features Ill never get to all of them .I like the mini movie feature the sound is good and the movies are clear and nice.The still pictures are fantastic. you can zoom in and out and remove red eye right from the camera . What also make this the perfect camera for me is the software interface its just to easy and thats quite a change from the roxio photo software that I had in my old camera. I really hated the roxio now I can download the photos and with 1 click size them for emailing or up loading to web sites. this Camera has great settings depending on what kind of picture you want to take such as Face-portrait-landscape-sports-night photos- party indoors-beach and snow-and sunset it does all the work for you all you do is press the button . For the money which was 99.99 a better camera cant be found .I even got to pick a color my camera is a nice rose color and just to cute


Palm Coast, FL


Great camera for beginner


I purchased the Nikon Coolpix L10 camera for myself a few years ago. I was looking for a camera with easy to use features and quality photoability. (made that word up). Anyhow, I really enjoy my coolpix. It has a good size rear screen to view my photos on and great customizable features all in an easy to use format. I have 3x optical zoom (which I admit I would like a little more, but for the price this is a great camera). Other features include 6.2-18.6mm   and 1:2.8-5.2    .  I don't really know what I just typed, but those are the numbers on the front of the camera incase you know what your looking for. Now to the features. I have a menu button for customizing my features. At the bottom is a button that allows me to take still photos or I can push the button to take video. My teenagers LOVE this feature. There is an easy deleate button for photos you want to get rid of fast. (looks like a garbage can). Also there are buttons for ease of up close photos, yes or no to flash, and all sort of options. The settings are quick and simple. A great beginners camera. I get awsome photos with it. Hope you enjoy yours.


Avon Park, FL


just getting started,coolpix is great for beginners


the nikon coolpix L10 DIGITAL CAMERA is great for beginners.I f your just getting started in digital photography this is the camera for you.Easy to use,fully featured with great, pictures,fun features,and a huge 3.0 inch display.its also very affordable.Its easy to use just point and shoot.Has great image quality and fashion sense.It captures clear unblurred pictures,even when you move around.It has a large LCD DISPLAY,that gives you clear pictures.takes really great pictures.Its light and can fit in your pocket and its quick to start up.It also has a dedicated palyback button,and face recongnition works well.this camera is fully loaded and mostly automatic,hardly any manual controls,so if your not a camera genuis you probably won't mind.Like I said this camera is mainly for beginners.this camera does have a built in flash and automatic zoom lens,built in microphone,and takes 2 aa alkaline batteries.


Louisville, KY


Overall a good buy for the money.


This is a great starter camera or for teens. It doesn't have a lot of bings and buzzers, but it does take a great picture. You can also take mini videos with it. My main complaint is that it takes too long for it to actually take the photo. So if you are trying to capture something quick - like a pet or child - by the time it actually takes the photo your subject has moved. I have gotten some great landscapes, sunsets, and architectural photos. The color is very vivid.


Arlington, WA



4.4 5