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Nikon - Coolpix L1 Digital Camera

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iLove Coolpix


ilove my nikon coolpix camera. The camera is really a nikon coolpix L18, but they didn't have it in there. The color of mine is red, but they have more of them in various colors. Such as blue, red, aqua green, black, purple and etc. The camera is very user friendly. It's easy to take different places. It's not heavy none what so ever and it's a nice medium size camera that can easily fit anywhere. It also has a very wide screen that's very detailed where you can see just about anthing without zooming in. The camera also have various modes. Like, scene, smile, continuous, white balace and other modes. This is really a great camera I would reccomend it to anyone.   


Chicago, IL


Nikon Coolpix L1 turned me into a digital photo fan


The Nikon Coolpix L1 was a gift from my husband who has very expensive and complicated taste in cameras.  This camera was to be all mine and SIMPLE.  Well, I have to admit it was easy to run right from the start but it also has features if you want to get technical...you can go to it.  I have taken some beautiful photos with my camera...some that rival those taken on my husband's more expensive more pixelated model.  This camera is small enough to put in my purse so I can bring it wherever I go.  I can easily download the photos onto my compputer and share them with my friends and relatives within seconds of taking them.  (This from a person who used to have film in her camera for a year before developing it) Another good feature is that I do not have photo "clutter" with this camera.  I put the good ones on my computer or on a disc or get prints (only of the good photos).  Do you have boxes of old photos (mostly out of focus or just bad pictures) that you still haven't gotten around to sorting and throwing out the bad ones??  Well, this camera is for you.  You will save money.  Go digital!  De-clutter your photo life.    


Palm Coast, FL


Nikon - Coolpix L1 Digital Camera

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