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Nikon - Coolpix 4200 Digital Camera

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Fantastic quality for a point-and-shoot


I've used various compact point-and-shooters, including Sony Cybershot and a Samsung model, but this Nikon Coolpix takes by far the highest quality images. I shoot a lot on **macro** and in **low light** (dusk and dawn mostly), so imperfections in these conditions really stand out -- and this camera does a great job of minimizing them. When shooting in low lighting, however, be sure to (obviously) hold the camera static. Any fuziness problems I've had have been caused by motion, propping it on a tripod or a steady surface does produce crisp photos.I also like the capacity for manually shifting the focus point (for example, when what you want to focus on isn't at the center of the frame). I use a lot of negative space and off-balance compositions, so this comes in handy. I've even compared some images of the exact same object, same light conditions, etc. to those taken with my Canon PowerShot Pro IS (my "serious" DSLR) and it's amazing how close the Nikon gets despite having a thrid of the megapixels and only a fraction of the features.Only two gripes: one completely mechanical -- the battery compartment lid broke the first month, still have duct tape holding it, thought it was just me but then saw another Coolpix owner with the same problem and solution. The other: I'm a little underwhelmed by the flash, but it may just be because I don't use it frequently at all, so I've been somewhat less meticulous with getting the hang of it.Overall, a great compact camera the quiality of which constantly amazes me.


Philadelphia, PA


Great, compact camera.


I bought this camera almost 3 years ago.  It is a bit old now, considering they have cameras with like 8 megapixels now, but this is still a good camera.  It takes great pictures that come out very clear.  In low light it can be a bit fuzzy. I use it every day to take family pictures and it's never failed me.  The battery flap did break, as there are two small tabs that keep it closed, but nothing else is broken. The LCD Screen is a bit small for today's standards, but still big enough to see what I've taken. I can click a button and it shows me the pics I just took immediately. It's easy to delete one pic at a time or several at a time.  I can easily hook it up to my computer with a USB cable.  Overall very much recommend.


Roseville, CA


This camera takes good photos most of the time. It's cute too!


Nikon - COOLPIX 4200 Digital Camera sure lives up to its name. This camera is trendy, small and cute too. It takes photographs that are amazing. I wanted to give it 5 stars but sometimes if the lighting isn't just right the camera won't give out enough light. The flash might kick in and mess up the picture because it will give too much light and make the photos a little fuzzy, also it has a hard time taking photos of smaller objects.This camera takes amazing pictures most of the time making it a delightful camera to have and to use. I got a really good deal on it. It is a very easy camera to unload, so you can put your photos up on your computer whenever you want. The batteries can be a bit expensive unless you use a charger that's one other drawback. The original price of the camera can be pricey but not if you're a bargain hunter. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to take and have good photos.  You should try this camera, you just might like it.


Stockton, CA


Nikon - Coolpix 4200 Digital Camera

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