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Nikon - Coolpix 2000 Digital Camera

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easy to use


nikon coolpix is as the name suggests - very cool. lightweight, easy to use with all the features i could use - makes still pictures (high quality with 8 megapixels), short videos (turn them to still photos as well), easy to upload pics on the computer (no software needed). it has an optical zoom and a 2.5 inch lcd screen.overall, a good value product and is worth every penny spent. i cannot find any fault with it except perhaps for those with big thumbs or fingers, it might be difficult to press the "shoot" button.

Jacksonville, FL


the best camera money can buy


Nikon coopix 2000 digital camera is the best camera in the world. Not only does it have 10 megapixels, but it also is very very clear. Most camera users would love the camera's with more megapixels than this one has, but let me tell you 10 is such a great number. This camera is very clear, it also has many different options. One of the great options about this camera is that it has a one touch upload button so you won't have to wait too long for your pictures to load. It's movie mode allows you to capture up to 20 seconds of video without any pausing. The multi-function control lets you control the image size & quality, it also lets you pick what you want the image to be as in jpeg, png, gif or even bitmap. The camera can also save a picture in a small size so you can pick the size that you need and save it on your computer, when you connect it to the computer it starts right up and also it even has photo editing tools along with the camera. This is a great buy, even if it is an older version.

Greenville, SC


You get what you pay for


I've been through about 10 different types of digital cameras in the past 5 years, mostly because I'm always psyched about new models, and partly because I'm a bit clumsy, so I go through electronics pretty fast. This is the latest addition to my collection, and I can honestly say that it is the worst digital camera I've ever purchased. The picture quality can be great, if you can immitate a still statue while clicking... otherwise, no matter where you set the setting, the picture will be blurry. Most of the pictures I take come out pixelated and blurry, or the color is off (usually yellow-ish). I never had any problems such as these with my previous cameras, which includes samsung, sony, canon and kodak. I would not recommend this to anyone I know, or would even consider purchasing another Nikon. Perhaps there is something specifically wrong with the camera I purchased, but either way, it's a bad purchase/product.

Long Beach, CA




I actually got this camera as a christmas present, it would have not being my first choice, but it was the best present yet. i love this camera, i take it everywhere with me. the  picture quality is incredible, the voice recording is top class and the video quality is even better. I am always recommending it to friends and family. It top notch, durable, unbeatable quality. Fuji, Kodak and Casio ain't got nothing on my Nikon Cool Pix

Brooklyn, NY


Great Camera for the Money


I had been in the market for a long time for a great and versatile digital camera that I can take anywhere I go.  I had been recommended this camera by a friend and decided to give it a try.  And I must admit - I wasn't disappointed in the least! Many camera come with a lot of 'bells and whistles,' but this camera was very straightforward and easy to use.  I didn't even have to study the manual in advance or refer to it at all - it was that simple!  You can't say that about other cameras - that's for sure! I took the camera at first on vacation with me and was thrilled with it.  It took everything from great still photos, to portrait photos - even action shots!  I really enjoyed taking it with me everywhere.  When I returned from my vacation, I was able to unload the images very easily to my computer and email them out.  Not one picture turned out badly - I was thrilled.  I highly recommend!

Paramus, NJ


Nikon - Coolpix 2000 Digital Camera

4.0 5