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Night Therapy
Night Therapy Deluxe Platform Metal Bed Frame/Foundation, Full


Night Therapy's Deluxe Platform Bed Frame is a simple solution if you need a foundation for your mattress. The metal base replaces the need for a boxspring - simply place your memory foam mattress or innerspring mattress on this bed frame an you have an instant mattress foundation. Our design and construction allows for easy set-up with no tools required. The metal bed frame with reinforced edges, provides durability and support for weight up to 4400 lbs. The legs are recessed for safety and the unique t-shape with locking system provides stability. With our Deluxe Platform Bed Frame, we have also added additional under-bed storage space with the new design. The product packaging allows for convenient FedEx/UPS shipping.

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It works


I received this frame with a bed I purchased 3 years ago. It is bowing in on my husband's side the metal is breaking in some spots. It was very sturdy when we first got it but it doesn't last very long.

Sedalia MO


Better than any box frame I owned


I needed a bed frame and a box spring so I decided to kill two birds with one stone by purchasing the Night Therapy Deluxe Platform Metal Bed Frame/Foundation. I instantly fell in love with the stability of this frame. I have a 8 inch memory foam mattress on top of this frame and I can sleep in any spot comfortably while maintaining good sleeping posture. Before I purchased this frame I thought I had a poor quality mattress, but once placed upon this frame I can't find a single weak spot. Even though I really enjoy this frame there are a couple of downsides to it. This frame tends to squeak whenever I make a sudden movement. It doesn't bother me too much when I switch positions during the night, but it can be irritating when watching television. The other downside I noticed about this frame is that I needed to purchase a rubber mat for traction to place under my mattress to prevent it from sliding off. When I had the mattress just on the frame it would easily move if I shifted my weight to quickly. I would definitely recommend the Night Therapy Deluxe Platform Metal Bed Frame because it's extremely durable, stable, and easy to assemble.

Westchester, IL


Great support, easy to use and assemble!


I just purchased this mattress support for my Son (who is four) that graduated from the kids single to a full size bed. It is a great product, sturdy, really easy and very quick assemble, and it is very light. There is no need for a box spring with this metal frame which saves on money and makes it easier to move around a bed in a smaller room. Perfect for kids as it is easy to move and light weight (but it does support up to 800 pounds so definitely can be used for adults). It is also very easy to take apart and storage collapsed if you want to use it for guests (you must take it apart though, it is not like a cot and the mattress cannot fold up with the frame). I highly recommend this product as an easier solution then to buy a full bedroom set, also have the brackets to be able to connect to a head board or a foot board if you have them (but we currently do not have anything connected).

Crofton, MD

Night Therapy Deluxe Platform Metal Bed Frame/Foundation, Full

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