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Night Therapy
Night Therapy 14 Inch Grand Memory Foam Mattress


King Grand Memory Foam Mattress - Redefine the Way You Rest

Enjoy deep-down comfort that will make you rest in bed longer. The 14 inch grand memory foam mattress king offers conforming comfort and sleeping luxury thanks to a system of innovative layers. A revolutionary pressure relief foam system eliminates pressure points so your body has proper cushioning as you rest. And memory foam immediately responds to your body’s contours and weight providing less heat buildup to adjust to your ideal sleeping temperature. Aches and pains will soon be a thing of the past.

With a super soft poly-rayon cover that’s smooth and luxurious to the touch, the king grand memory foam mattress brings a splendid feel to any bedroom. The foams are infused with Green Tea, Charcoal, and Natural Seed Oil so the use of petrol based chemical oils is minimized. Create a retreat of masterful indulgence that will have you craving for bedtimes and weekends.

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We said goodbye to our lumpy matteesses


We found comparing mattresses very difficult and quite confusing. Maybe just luck but we we highly recommend the memory foam ones. We needed a king mattress and ended up getting the fourteen inch thick one. I suspect the twelve inch would be just as good especially if you are getting a queen or twin bed size. Comfort These memory foams are quite different to behold. They come in a small box and spring to life when opened. It took a little over six hours and was almost filled to full size. The instruction said to wait twenty four hours before using and then we had the best night rest that we could remember. We had been forewarned that the mattress would have a odor for quite some time but we did not find that to be true. Support Here's what I don't understand but who cares as long as it works. The top two or three inches conform to your body however the rest of the mattress is firm and supports the body. It doesn't take the heavy to move mattress to offer support and firmness. Firmness I was surprised but until I got used to the mattress, it did take a little effort to turn over and when you first get out of bed there seems to be a indent that goes away quickly. Durability We have had this mattress for some time now and wouldn't go back to the old one for anything.




Night Therapy 14 Inch Grand Memory Foam Mattress

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