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Night Therapy
Night Therapy 12 Inch Spring Mattress Complete Set Full


12-Inch Full Mattress Set High Quality Low Cost Sleep

The Night Therapy 12-inch spring full mattress set is an incredible deal for what you’re getting. A decent night’s sleep is priceless, but paying for the top-quality hotel style mattress is not an option for most people. With Night Therapy you don’t have to do without. This set is not a mattress but a complete sleep solution. The mattress has an ultra comfortable, quality 12-inch spring mattress that makes for the best gentle and restorative sleep. The deluxe euro box top is nicely quilted with layers of super soft foam and fiber padding. The design of the mattress was made to help relieve the stress on your pressure points. Your body will rest on a surface that supports and adjusts to your contours and keep your spine well balanced. With the Night Therapy mattress set you don’t get the disturbing motion transfer that ruins the sleep of those with other types of mattresses. This is the set that will offer you the great sleep you dream of.

This quality 12-inch full mattress set from Night Therapy is a true value in cost but with all the details you’d expect from the high-end hotel-style mattresses. The gorgeous quilted Euro Box cover with layers of foam and fiber are the ultimate in comfort. The ingenious independent coil system provides firm, flexible support with minimal motion transfer. It is not common for spring mattresses of this price to include the individual, independent spring system. Usually these types of mattresses use a single continuous wire that acts like a one stiff spring beneath the mattress cover—not comfortable and wears poorly. With this set, you also get a Smart Base in charcoal color steel, which eliminates the need for a bulky, dusty box spring. Bonus! The smart base lifts the mattress to reveal lots of extra under bed space. 

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A good nights sleep


I purchased this mattress eight years ago and I'm glad I did. It is comfortable, it was affordable, and it has lasted. I love the pillow top feature it makes it more comforting and more inviting. For the price I couldn't be happier with it. The only down side is that I wish I had gotten a queen size. The full is big enough for my husband and I but it would be nice to have it a little bit bigger so we can each have a little more room. Comfort It is very comfortable. There are times that I don't want to get out of bed because I am so comfortable. It still feels that way even after having it for eight years. The pillow top feels soft and very comfortable. Support It gives me great support especially when I sleep on my side. Firmness In my opinion it is firm but not too firm. You don't sink into it but yet its not like you're sleeping on card board. The pillow top makes it softer to lay on but you do not sink into the mattress. Durability I've had this mattress set for 8 years now and it still in good shape and still feels comfortable. I have flipped it once about four years ago so maybe that has helped.



Night Therapy 12 Inch Spring Mattress Complete Set Full

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