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Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller Daytime Delivery Lotion

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Nicole Miller daytime delivery lotion is great in the winter!


I use this Nicole Miller Daytime Delivery Lotion in the winter along with Nicole Miller facewash. I find that this lotion is a heavier lotion and if I use it in the summer, it is too heavy. I end up looking greasy all day. But, in the winter it is PERFECT! I don't have oily skin or scalp and can usually use a light moisturizer year round, but in the winter when the weather is very dry and cold, this lotion is a savior! It doesn't have a bad smell, actually it's almost unscented. It goes on easily without leaving a residue in your hands and you do not have to use a lot each time. Therefore, the bottle lasts for a good amount of time. One con (besides the heaviness for summer) is that it is pretty pricey. And unfortunately, it's hard to find lotions, perfumes, etc on sale.

Middletown, DE


Have used many products - this is the best!


I am 54 and have dry, aging skin.  I have tried products in the past for my wrinkles, dry skin,  and crow's feet, but Nicole Miller's seems to work the best for me.  Yesterday I had a man say that I look much younger than my 54 years!  Wow!  What a great feeling!  The day time delivery lotion is part of a four step program - it also has a mild cleanser, a night time lotion, and a mild toner,  So far I have only found it in a Melaleuca catalog - a catalog that has all natural products in it.  I wash every night with the cleanser, put on the light weight toner with a cotton ball, and then put on the night time cream.  In the morning I put on te daytime delivery lotion, and throughout the day as needed.  My face is now virtually wrinkle and crow's feet free.  It is a program made for dry skin, but is also available for normal or oiy skin.  I purely and simply love it!

Fond Du Lac, WI


Nicole Miller Daytime Delivery Lotion

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