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Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller Timeless Age-Defying Serum

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Age-defying serum makes fine lines & wrinkles less visible.


I love **Nicole Miller Timeless Age-Defying Serum**!  Since I have been using this lovely product I've noticed a very nice change in my skin. It seems more supple, smooth and the lines on my forehead are not as noticeable as they had been - finally!  I've been trying different products for a couple years now. I finally have found one that is actually making a difference! These lines started in my thirties and have bothered me ever since. I have been using **Nicole Miller Timeless Age-Defying Serum** consistently now for about a month and am very pleased with the results. It feels very light going on, is not greasy at all and absorbs immediately into the skin. It has a light and very pleasant scent.  Recommended use is to apply after washing and before moisturizing. Sometimes I use it in place of a moisturizer because it hydrates my skin quite adequately - especially during the summer. The only time I use additional moisturizer is if I'm going to spend any time in the sun. Then I apply a moisturizing sunscreen.  In the winter I apply another light moisturizer after the **Nicole Miller Timeless Age-Defying Serum**. I highly recommend this product. I purchase mine through Melaleuca.

Leominster, MA


Nicole Miller Timeless Age-Defying Serum

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