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Nick Chavez
Nick Chavez Plump 'N Thick Hairspray

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Great hair spray


Received this as part of a Christmas gift that included several of his hair prodcuts. Chavez's products are great. This is one of my favorite hair sprays. It gives a great, strong hold. More importantly, it really adds volume to my baby fine hair! It holds for hours! And, it smells nice!



Nich Chavez Hair Spray Best HAIRSPRAY you can buy!


I have been using Nick's products for years.  I love this hair spray.  I have never had a nosel break on me.  I did have one clog on me one time and I took it off and ran it under hot water and put it back on and it was fine.  The reason I love this hair spray is because I have very thick but fine hair.  Lots of hair that won't do anything.  I don't like FLAT hair.  I use this hair spray and first of all my hair acturally stays where I spray it - unusual for me (might be because I live in the south).  This also gives my hair some lift.  When I want to brush my hair I have no problem - the brush goes right thru my hair and then I can restyle.  I would recommend this product to my near and dear friends.

Marietta, GA


This product has been a life saver for a quick hair makeover.


I saw this spray being demonstrated at the Red Barn in Florida and was more than willing to be chosen as a model since my hair was clean but oh so flat from the humidity. We had plans to go out for dinner that evening and I fretted about the hair, as always.  The saleslady sprayed the Plump 'N Thick hairspray on my hair, and using just her finger tips gave me a hairstyle that was every bit as good as a beauty shop hairstyle....I was estatic and readily bought two cans on the spot.  When I met up with friends that evening they wanted to know what beauty shop I went to as they raved about my hair.   I thought great...but how will this spray perform for me who has zero talent in doing my own hairstyling.......well believe me when I tell you, I love this product!  I am complimented by friends and family about how lovely my hair looks every time I use this spray.  I've also noted that even though one's hair may feel a little stiff that day, the stiffness seems to dissipate the following day and my hair stays in style for several days thereafter. Sometimes the nozzle gets clogged but that is easily fixed by running hot water over the opening. I would never go on vacation without taking my spray......it's been an absolute lifesaver for me.   Love it, love it, love it! 

Sidney, OH


Nick Chavez Plump 'N Thick Hairspray

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