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Liquid Fabric Softener
Nice'n Fluffy
Nice'n Fluffy Escape Lavender & Sweet Vanilla ULTRA Concentrated Fabric Softener

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Smells to sweet for a Fabric Softener


 I 'm not into sweet vanilla's or Lavender for a fabric softener, It sound to good to be true, generally there fragrance scents are to over barring in my book. I would rather use the fresh outside for drying the clothes, then to disguise the real Odors that on the clothing, at least when its drying in the wind or sun, it smells fresher and lasts longer hanging up or folded in the dresser draws. where does it say on the bottle Nice and Fluffy? Reading labels is like a puppet on a strings, can't believe the wording, its the product that sells either way, pro or con.  I would prefer simple green concentration then go with a nice and fluffy label that doesn't smell, the product and the chemicals are the seller of the product, not the wording"Nice and Fluffy" Simple Green is also Concentrated and is used variable in all purpose functions, such as a fabric softener, it fragrance is fresh and leaves no stale odor.




Downy lavender & vanilla softner is like an aroma therepy candle


Downy lavender and vanilla softner is like sleeping with an aroma therapy candle but in your sheets.  It is an enjoyable experience, I love the way my things smell and the way they feel to the touch.  So soft and fluffy, such a luxuary at a recenable price.


Houston, TX


Excellent product, too bad I can't find more of it!!


Nice 'n Fluffy Escape Lavender & Sweet Vanilla ULTRA Concentrated is by far the best softner I have used. I like it so much that no other brand can compare. If I could only find where to purchase some more of it. I have checked K-Mart and Wal-Mart neither store has it. Next time I find it, I will buy a case. It really is a great product.


Kingman, AZ


The scent is relaxing, not overpowering


 Nice'n Fluffy Lavender and vanilla fabric softener has a woderful scent and i use this mostly on blankets, sheets even pillows (when they need to be washed) the scent is very relaxing and anything to help induce peaceful sleep is a very welcome experience.  It's nice to use on your pets bedding and it probably helps them as well.


Harrison Valley, PA


Lavender Lover


My sister bought this for me after staying for a while from out of town... I absolutely love this stuff! It smells great and my clothes are really soft. Also... I dilute it with water and keep it in a spray bottle as a cheap fabric freshener for curtains, bedding and furniture!


Lewisville, TX


Nice'n Fluffy Escape Lavender & Sweet Vanilla ULTRA Concentrated Fabric Softener

4.2 5