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Nexxus Vitatress

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Doesn't work for me


I bought this in hopes of growing more hair.  I've read in forums that this product has helped a lot of people. I suffer from fine, fragile thinning hair and I am always willing to try new products. Nexxus Vita Tress is a biotin scalp-creme that promises to rejuvenate thinning hair.  The creme contains nutrient rich DHT inhibitors and stimulating botanicals.  DHT is dihydrotestosterone is a hormone that is partially responsible for hair loss.  Therefore DHT inhibitors in this creme will prevent hair loss and help promote a healthy environment for new hair to grown.  What I do is after taking a shower, I lean forward to where my head is near my knees.  This way all the blood flows to the scalp.  I mssage some of the creme into areas of my scalp where I see hair loss.  Don't rinse! You just leave it in for the full absorption of ingredients.  I did this for about two weeks and did not see any hair growth.  Maybe I have to use it longer, but I get impatient and move onto other treatments. One of the bad things is that after you apply this creme and your hair dries, it leaves a white residue almost like you have dandruff! So I made sure to use this treatment at night so that I was able to wash my hair the next morning.  I think for me the best treatment is to take biotin pills and/or hair vitamins and use a thickening shampoo and conditioner!


Arlington, VA


Nexxus Vitatress

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