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Nexxus Ensure Conditioner

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Nexxus nsure Conditioner will wow you!


I received Nexxus Ensure Conditioner in the mail as a free full size sample to try in my own home. I used the Nexxus shampoo before conditioning. During the winter I need to use conditioner becuse my hair gets so fry and flyaway. When I used it I noticed that it was nice and thick and you do not need to use a lot to get good results. I let it sit in my hair for a few minutes to really work on my dry hair. After 3 minutes it was very easy to rince out with no heavy feeling. When I had to comb my hair after washing there were no tangles. After I blown dry my hair it was nice and soft and not fly away. The next day my hair was still soft to the touch and was easy to straighten. The only draw back that I have to this product is the price but when you realize how much you actually use in your hair, about the size of a quarter, it is all worth it. I had to look in a few stores to find it but if you look in your local drug store you should be able to find it.

Naples, FL


Nexxus Ensure Conditioner is a great conditioner!


I have very thick hair and it is very hard to manage, not to mention it is frizzy and naturally wavy. I have tried many different types of conditioners with the hopes of calming my wild hair. I tried Nexxus Ensure Conditioner after my hairdresser suggested that I try it. I went out and bought the product, and it was not that hard to find. I did not have to go to a specialty salon to find it. This is something that I find convienent for my busy schedule. I care about the way my hair looks and it was worth paying a little extra for this product. After using it, I was able to see a difference in the ease to manage my hair. I also like the scent of the conditioner. I have a very sensitive nose, and strong conditioners can trigger my migranes.....but this has a good smell and does not effect me. I recommend this product highly. I also like the way it complements the shampoo. It is a good combination for anyone who is looking for a great way to pamper your hair. I continue to like Nexxus products to care for my hair.

Richmond, VA


Great conditioner, weird smell!


As many people will tell you, this conditioner is amazing, but has the most awkward smell EVER! When I first tried it, I almost stoppepd using it, as I wasn't used to it. It has a weird grapefruit-citrus smell, and it is VERY strong! After using it for awhile, I did get used to it, but it wasn't a favorite scent. The conditioner is VERY thick, and sometimes really hard to get out of the bottles. Nexxus always uses the big squeeze bottles, and having a very thick conditioner doesn't help it. I usually keep the bottle upside down so it's always at the cap, or i'll be waiting forever trying to ease it to the bottom. The contioner does keep my hair very soft, and helps detangle my hair. I straighten my hair, and color it, so it goes through some damage, and this helps repair it for sure. If they could make the scent different, i'd use this conditioner every time, but I just can't handle it 24/7. It's a little pricey, but it will soften your hair for sure.

Clearwater, FL


Worked great for me


I tried a sample of Nexxus Ensure Acidfying conditioner after my hair got like straw from washing it so many times as I cleaned my basement. My regular conditioners didn't help. I was so glad I had this. The sample has lasted 3 times and I will definitely get the full size. It smelled fine and worked great. It left my hair silky felling.

Marietta, GA


The scent is a big turn off


This stuff was on clearance at my food store and thought why not try it. The scent is yuck. I don't want my hair to smell like that and this is way over priced and doesn't do much for my curly locks...It will be in my rummage this spring.

Appleton, WI


Nexxus Ensure Conditioner

4.2 5