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Volumizing Shampoo
Nexxus Diametress

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Nexxus Diametress Shampoo leaves your hair thick & full


Nexxus Diametress shampoo is the product of cutting edge technology. It contains vegatable ceramides, panthenol (B-5), antioxidants and UV protectors. It is also fortified with Nexxuspheres which strengthen your hair. My hair has always been fine and limp, essentially baby hair. I have been using Diametress for over 10 years, since a hairdresser suggested I try it, and my hair has never looked better. It is full and thick and has lots of body and shine. Just shampoo in and rinse off--no waiting. Unlike other hair thickening products, the ingredients in Diametress work instanly to infuse your hair with body and shine. And, also unlike other thickening shampoos, there is no buildup of residue. In fact, the more I use it the shinier my hair looks. Best of all, Diametress is now available in stores everywhere. When I first started using this volumizing shampoo, I could only purchase it in select beauty salons at a premium price. Diametress is priced competively.


Greenfield, MA


My favorite!


I am in love with Nexxus products. Rarely have I tried one that didn't deliver the highest quality that I have come to expect from this company. This shampoo smells great.There is a light scent but nothing over powering. My husband even commented that my hair smelled good (enough so that he now uses this as well). It lathers easy, and leaves your hair feeling soft and very clean. To make it even better, follow it up with the Nexxus Humectress conditioner. Together it is a power duo. The one downside is the size of the product for the price. This only makes me shop around and look for the best deals. I tend to buy bigger bottles knowing I am getting mroe for my money. I do not buy from salons. These products really do work, and will elave your hair soft, silky smooth, tangle free, and manageable. It gets an A +++ in my book. Thanks Nexxus!


Sumter, SC


No more limp blah hair


I hate my hair most days, its limp and slimy and just gross and that's after washing it. I have extremely thin hair and most shampoos don't do anything to help. Nexxus Diametress is one of the very few I have found that helps make my insanely thin hair look fuller and thicker. I love that I can wash my hair and actually let it air dry and still have that full/thick look. Most shampoos aren't up to that challenge. I really like the smell and love that Diametress doesn't dry out my hair. I do wish this shampoo was a little more affordable, since its on the higher end price wise I sometimes have to use it with another shampoo to make it last longer in order to afford it, but since its one of the few that works I'm willing to pay a little more for it. I just have to plan my purchases. I have noticed it is becoming difficult to find Diametress in stores and worry that it is not going to be available much longer. 


Cabot, AR


Nexxus Diametress

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