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Portable Car GPS
Nextar Touch Screen Portable GPS Navigator

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The Nextar GPS keeps us on the right road!


We have two Nextar GPS receivers in our vehicles. It is easy to use the touch screen to locate an address. We have found our way to new gyms for basketball practices, friends homes, and made our way through large cities. If we do make a wrong turn, the Nextar GPS quickly refigures a new route to get us back on the right track. We use our GPS with and without the audio navigator. It works great for us both ways. The screen gives great directions, making it easy to follow. The voice navigator is great to use in heavy traffic in cities. We have found that parking garages affect the reception of the satellite information, and because of this the Nextar GPS takes longer to figure our route when we have been in a parking garage. The GPS works great overall. We take it with us to use in rental cars on trips out of state because it does such a great job! We wouldn't drive without the Nextar GPS!

Nampa, ID


Nextar Touch Screen Portable GPS Navigator

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