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Portable Car GPS
Nextar Portable GPS Navigator

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Got me most places I needed to be


We got this Nextar device last summer and it was our very first GPS system. For the most part it has gotten us where we needed to go and we haven't got lost yet.  But on a few rare occasions it has been totally off.  The first time we used it, it told us to go left into our hotel parking lot and the hotel was actually on the right.  Then it told us to make a left turn into a field!  Another time I went right past my destination and it never told me that I was near it.  Other times I have punched in an address and it could not find it.  We live in a rural area so maybe that's part of it?  I thought maybe I could go online and download some updated software but I never found any. It's a pretty good, inexpensive device and works pretty well but if you need to be spot on then you might want to consider looking into another system.  Overall it's got us where we needed to go so it will do for now.   

Dutton, AL


How did I get around town without my Nextar?


I drive for a living in the Houston, Tx. area and always used Key Maps, which took longer to get me where I wanted to be, then I received my Nextar GPS satellite navigator and I'm through with my route in 6hr's. instead of 8hrs.  It has given me more time to enjoy and get personal stuff done.    

Spring, TX


Nextar Portable GPS Navigator

3.5 2